Monday, 29 December 2014

Here again

I did exactly what i used to hate other bloggers doing! Disppeared! I really cannot believe i havent posted a blog post in over a year. That pretty much sums up my year, it flew by!! I took up a new position for a national charity and with my new job came less time to write a blog, keep up with blogs and as for stitching? Well, theres has been very little of that over the last year! I cannot even remember where i kept my blog feeds. Im sure i switched to Bloglovin when Reader went but now i cant find anything there. Ive restarted again on Feedly but now im trying to remember and track down the hundreds of blogs i used to follow! Its a lot easier to read blogs now i have a decent phone with decent apps!

I always used to worry when bloggers disppeared that something bad had happened, or they'd got sick etc etc It wasnt the case here. Ive generally just been super busy. I work, i ferry the boys about to all their different clubs, i run, i lead a running group, im chair of the parent council, i take exercise classes, we go to church. Life is busy busy busy!

2014 has been a great year! Im just trying to think back to all the things that have happened this year. I had some big personal achievements; i walked the West Highland Way (96miles) in June, i ran my first ever half marathon in October and i climbed Goatfell in Arran for the first time too. My eldest boy started school!!! He has lost 4 baby teeth! My youngest boy turned 3! We had a great 2 week holiday to Florida back in March. My husband started a new job.

I always stitch the boys an ornament for Christmas and at least i still managed to do that this year! Minecraft and Minions

If anyone out there still reads my blog let me know so that i can be sure to put you into my new Feedly. Cheers x


Christina said...

Hello!! Lovely to see a post from you and that you are happy and healthy! :0) I haven't posted to my blog in months...I just don't get the time these days. Guess what my NY resolution is?!

Hazel said...

Very happy to see a post from you Cheryl! You have often popped into my thoughts and I wondered how you were getting on. Xxx

barbara said...

It is GREAT to see a post from you and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. :) Best wishes of 2015!!

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Hello again Cheryl, how lovely to hear from you again. I know what it's like - I haven't blogged for about a year either. Not sure why, just never did it. So nice to know you and your family are well and enjoying life. Irene xxx

Maureen said...

Hi. Well you popped up on my bloglovin feed so I'm sure there will still be a good few readers out there. It's scary how quickly time goes by when you have young children, sounds like it has bee a good year.

Nicola said...

Good to see you posting again Cheryl. I haven't been good at blogging lately, my last post was back in April . Life and other social media gets in the way at times. I find it easier sometimes to post on Facebook where you can keep the posts short so take up less time. However, I am hoping to get back to blogging again in the New Year.

Melody said...

It's nice to see you back.

Cole said...

So good to see a post from you and hear that all is well!

Karoline said...

Lovely to hear from you and glad to hear life is just busy.

stitcherw said...

Yup, sometimes it's really hard to juggle it all, and something just has to give. Glad to see you posting and glad everything is fine, just busy. Loved the ornaments, especially the little minion, I love those movies, and minions are the greatest :)

Lori Arnold said...

Wow, a year away from blogging and look at all the people here to welcome you back! You are obviously loved. :D

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