Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Edgar's RR

I finished my square on Edgar's RR at the weekend. I used about 4 LHN charts to put this square together. I hope you like it Edgar! Here's what Edgar's piece looks like overall. Half way now! I'll be sending it on to Lesley this week.I have to show a picture of this adorable hat and glove set i picked up today for my nephew! So cute eh?

Saturday, 24 November 2007

First SBEBB exchange

I received word from Edgar that he had received my SBEBB Specific Designer Exchange piece. I stitched a LHN freebie called Miniature Garden Gameboard and finished it as a pinkeep/hanging ornament.I sent him some other goodies too and i was pleased to hear he liked them! This was my first exchange on the SBEBB and im glad i got Edgar's name!
I worked on CdC this week again for the Snowbirds SAL. We work on this one day a week but obviously as i work full-time, i normally only get a couple of hours in but im pleased with my progress. For those that have asked, im using Vikki Clayton silks called "marque des cercles."
I also have a new start to show. I started my JBW French Country Stocking. Im not sure if it'll be done in time for this Christmas though. Im using DMC115.

Ive enjoyed reading your blogs this week and finding out how you all celebrated Thanksgiving. Obviously we dont have thanksgiving over here. How on earth you all cope with all the preparation for Thanksgiving and then Christmas i dont know....the 2 holidays are so close to each other. The Christmas build up seems crazy over here, months and months of build up. I love Christmas but dont enjoy the 4 month build up in the shops and on TV!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, 19 November 2007

Ive been busy

Ive haven't blogged in a while! I was really busy at work all last week, working late 3 nights as well as my usual days. Then on Friday morning i flew down to Birmingham for a weekend away with 6 of my friends. I just got back tonight. We had a great time...ate a lot of rubbish, drank too much wine, got little sleep....it was fun! Here's a picture of a cool 1950's style Diner we ate at on Sunday, all the waiters were dressed in costume. It felt like something from Grease.
I was worried about getting home today as it actually snowed down south last night and it was settling on the ground. Very unusual for this time of year. All flights last night were cancelled apparently (we don't cope with snow very well in this country) but today was fine.

So what do i have to update.....well, my tablerunner is coming along well. Im way behind everyone else in the class who are now putting their binding on. I still have to tack it and then do the quilting. As i said, i'm very behind, but work has been all consuming recently and all the other women in the class have a lot more free time than me. Here's how it looks so far. Im pleased with how my fabrics look together
I only managed to stitch a wee bit last week and so i worked on CdC for the Snowbirds SAL. Here's the progress
This week i really have to get working on Edgar's RR which is due soon. Im way behind on blog reading (250 in my google reader aaah) and replying to emails....hopefully i'll get caught up soon. Have a good week!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Cirque is aired again!

I joined The Snowbirds SAL to get me stitching on Cirque des Cercles again and it worked! I will be working on this one night a week. If it hadn't been for the SAL i dont know when this would've come out the wip box again. It is such an enjoyable stitch, i didnt want to put it away for another week!Stash alert!! Woo hoo! Ive been admiring this JBW designs French Country Stocking piece on Wendy's blog and after her last update picture, i decided to buy it. I love it. I don't know if it will be stitched in time for this Christmas though. I am going to stitch it in red, probably DMC115. I also got some dark blue linen and some quilting stash too...rulers etc. I had a hard week at work and worked lots of hours so was able to take today off with all the hours i was due back. It was great. I needed it. Work is really stressful at the moment. My boss is really useless and things are coming to head with the board of directors finally stepping in. Unfortunately it's going to be a really awkward time for me having to tell the board what's been going on. I have a feeling the worst is yet to come. However, im generally quite good at leaving work at work so i intend to have a nice relaxing weekend. Hope you all do too!

*edit" how could i forget to mention this:

Monday, 5 November 2007

Bonfire Night

Remember remember the 5th November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot
It's bonfire night. I love fireworks. For those of you that don't know, i did a History degree at University....so here's a history lesson.....

On the 5th November 1605 Guy Fawkes was caught in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament with several dozen barrels of gunpowder and was then, along with this co-conspirators, was tried as a traitor for trying to blow up (quite literally) the government. He was sentenced to death by execution by the awful practice of being hung ,drawn and quartered. The following year in 1606 it became an annual custom for the King and Parliament to commission a sermon to commemorate the event. The words " Remember , remember the 5th of November" serves as a warning to each new generation that treason will never be forgotten. The 5th of November is still commemorated each year with fireworks and bonfires culminating with the burning of The Guy. Tradition allows British children to display their 'guys' to passers-by and asking for " A penny for the guy.

I must admit, whilst i love bonfires and fireworks, i find the whole "Guy" burning thing a bit sick.

We had a lovely time at the wedding on Saturday at Stirling Castle. It was the posh-est most Scottish wedding ive ever been too. When we arrived we had to knock on a wooden door to get in, say the names of the bride and groom and then climb through a small trap door. The place was exclusively reserved for the wedding only! Here's some pictures of the castle and the bride and groom.Speaking of wedddings, it was my sisters wedding anniversary yesterday. They've been married for a year already. Here is a picture from their wedding day (i am standing next to the bride).
So it was a busy weekend. We didn't get home until about 3am then we were up early on Sunday coz DH runs the family church at our church and i had kids club to help at. Then i was at work on Sunday afternoon. However, amongst all the busy-ness i did manage to work more on Edgar's RR. Ive got a lot more done than when i last showed a picture on the 21st Oct. I decided just to use lots of LHN charts for this square. Im not going to do it again. It takes me forever to decide what to use and where. For quickness im going to stick to one chart when the next RR comes my way. Here's my progress so far anyway

Friday, 2 November 2007

Thank goodness for Friday!

Another busy week at work is over and i'm glad! Unfortunately i have to work on Sunday but im not thinking about that at the moment. Im going to relax tonight, stitch and watch ugly betty!

Here's my latest progress on my tablerunner after last night's quilting class. I finished the logcabin last night. This is my favourite one so far. Here are my 3 squares lined up on my ironing board. I havent completey finished the fan one yet. The light is bad again (stupid winter weather) but the dark colour is actually green.I now have to start working on joining these ones together. I am enjoying learning to quilt and am hoping for lots of quilting books for Christmas as well as a bigger cutting board, my one is just too small.

No stitching this week but i did receive my names for the SBEBB Winter Quaker and the SBEBB Winter House. Im looking forward to working on those. I did receive these lovely squares today from Donna for the Fair and Square Exchange. She also included a JBW designs chart - thank-you so much Donna!! I love this santa and i plan on making it into an ornament for my Christmas tree.

Tomorrow we are going to our friend's wedding at Stirling Castle! Look at it:Isn't this just the most gorgeous place for a wedding?! Im so glad the weather forecast is good for it.

Have a good weekend!