Saturday, 28 April 2012

My poor boy

April 18th - April 23rd are the kind of days we want to forget but ones which will be scarred on our memories forever.

You know it's not going to be good news when a phone call starts with "Dont panic but....." and then on to tell me that Caleb's fever had hit plus 40degrees, he had started to shake and was on route to the doctors surgery.

He had taken unwell at nursery on the Tuesday and we took him to see the doctor Wednesday morning and he'd got some meds etc. Whilst my mum was watching him on Wednesday afternoon and i was at another appointment with Aaron, my sister phoned to tell me he'd got worse. I met him them at the doctors surgery and boy, what a scary sight. He looked terrible, was trembling uncontrollably and talking jibberish. The practice nurse and the GP stripped him down, started bathing him with tepid water to get his temperature down and phoned an ambulance.

Caleb has a reflux in his bladder which basically means when he pees some shoots back up to his kidneys. We discovered this when he got sick as a baby and ended up in hospital. Its managed by antibiotics and there have been no infections since he was 5 months old, until now and this was a bad one. 

He ended up in hospital for 6 days/5 nights. He was on a drip at one point, and having intravenous antibiotics. My poor boy. Here he is looking a bit better, waiting to have an ultrasound on his kidneys (he loved the wheelchair). The worst bits were definitely getting the cannulas put in to his veins. He had to have that done 4 times as they kept coming out. It was awful, he was hysterical and it was horrible to watch him so upset.
He's home now and getting back to normal. We will have follow up appointments and tests to come and we are praying that the damage to his kidneys isnt too severe.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

6 months today!

Well this little boy is 6 months old today! He has started solids, has 2 teeth, is so smiley and we love him to bits! Its amazing how much development there is in the first year of life. Happy half Birthday Aaron!

We were away over Easter. We spent a few days with good friends in a lovely house in Wootton Bassett. 14 adults and 8 children! Normally its just us ladies that meet up for weekends away so it was lovely to have a family weekend this time and let the kids all get to know each other!

My friend organised lots of fun activities for the kids; den building, bonfire building, a scavenger hunt, an easter egg hunt. It was great! 
All that outdoor living has put us in a more outdoorsy mood and when we got home we went and bought a Chiminea so we could have some mini bonfires in our back garden. Caleb and DH had good fun collecting and chopping wood from the forest behind our house. 

Just a few days of the Easter holidays left now before the nursery school runs start again. Its been a good Easter!