Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter 2013

We had a really lovely Easter weekend. On Good Friday hubby was off work (yay) so we went down to the marina and had a nice stroll around the forest followed by a play on the beach. I did a scavenger hunt type game for Caleb, basically he had a list of 'things' he had to find whilst we were out. He managed to get everything! Saturday we spent pottering around at home. Sunday we were at church, celebrating the reason for Easter and then had the family round for a yummy steak pie dinner. On Monday i was out in the frosty garden in my dressing gown at 7.30am hiding Easter eggs for the boys. In the afternoon my parents and i took the boys to Lamont farm to see the Owl display. Caleb got to hold the tiniest owl, it was so cute!

It was a good week for running. I managed a 5k on wednesday, 5k on thursday, 9k on Friday and 12K on Saturday. Wish hubby was off more often!