Monday, 24 November 2008

Cirque is back

The last time i worked on CdC seems to have been back in February!!! Oh my, how time flies! This is how it looked back then but i had the urge to pick it up again recently and here's how it now looksIts good to see some progress on a piece that will probably take me years! I already have a space on the living room wall earmarked for this so hopefully not too many years LOL Ive also worked a bit on Baby's sampleras im getting bigger and more tired i have more time to stitch. I finish work in 2 weeks now and i really can't wait! As of today i am 34weeks pregnant. I cant wait until the day now, im impatient!

I had a busy weekend. On Saturday i spent the day with my Gran which was nice. We just stayed in, ate, drank tea and did our crafts. Yesterday, my American friend Lori had an early thanksgiving lunch and it was so good!! DH was in Liverpoool at the weekend and sped home to get there in time LOL you'd think he was never fed proper food ;-) Lori is due her second baby in 3weeks! It'll be nice to have babies the same age and in the same class at school one day!

I have a day off today so i had a lie in this morning and plan on having a lazy day. I do need to do some cleaning though, but not just yet...

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Baby Sampler

Thanks for the comments about my job on my last post. Whilst it is totally unfair, i have a peace about it all other words...ive stopped caring about work, the end is nigh there! If i go back, there will have to be a higher salary for me too. If not, i will look for a part-time job elsewhere. Im glad to reach this point as it was messing with my mind too much last week.

I still have a cold but it's not half as bad anymore. I had to take a few sick days and got lots of stitching time in whilst watching my Lost season 3 boxset. I have chosen this piece to stitch for babyT's room
and this is what i have done so far

Im enjoying working on this! Its from The Historical Sampler Company, ive never bought anything from them before but certainly will in the future!

DH and i have just been out walking and then we went out for a lovely lunch. Now i plan to spend the rest of the day/evening relaxing and working on this sampler! Hopefully more progress pics soon!

Saturday, 1 November 2008


I have a rotten stinking cold and it sucks. My nose is blocked up, my ears hurt, my throat is killing and im tired and i cant sleep. Im also grumpy can you tell LOL

This is just a bad ending to a bad week. Work is really hacking me off right now. I finish in 5weeks so i shouldnt care but my "replacement" for maternity cover is coming in on a much higher salary than me which i think is hugely unfair. Boss gets round it by saying the new staff member (who happens to be a friend) will be doing a different job but why, if thats the case, have i to hand everything over to him then. He has no experience in the field and is coming from a completely different career to cover the job. Boss knew to get him she'd have to pay him higher because of the salary hes on in his current job. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy who will be great at the job BUT.....we're a charity and it doesnt seem right to me and its really, really bugging me. DH keeps telling me to forget about it - im leaving, i will have a new wee baby soon and might not even return to work there (certainly not full-time anyway) but me being me, it just grates on me, i hate feeling hard done by!! Rant over!

Last night, i wasnt feeling as bad as today so i bought some wee pumpkins on the way home and we carved them. The one on the left is mine, the one on the right is DH's. They make me laugh! We dont celebrate halloween (and it isnt that "big" over here anyway) but this was fun to do!!
Ive got bigger in the last few weeks, check out my tummy now at nearly 31weeks