Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The First 10K

Im in that crowd somewhere! On Sunday i ran the Great Scottish 10K Run and I am so proud of myself! I absolutely loved it. At every K there were bag pipers and drummers and all along the route there were lots of supporters cheering us on. I was quite emotional at some points! This was the hill we had to run up right at the start. St Vincents Street for anyone that knows Glasgow.
I completed it in 1 hr 7 mins and 45 secs - not bad for 5 weeks training. I came 5179th LOL. There were about 8000 running the 10K. I am running another 10K race in 2 weeks time (its not as big a scale event) and hoping to beat my time, even a second would do!

Im running for a great charity run by good friends of mine working with street children in Kenya www.justgiving.com/cherylthomas1