Thursday, 30 April 2009

Catching up

Gosh its been a while since ive posted or read blogs. Will catch up! Regarding my previous post, the room is tidier you'll be pleased to know. Not super tidy, the weather has been too nice and when the weathers nice in Scotland you gotta make the most of it in case it doesnt happen again for a while LOL, but its tidier nevertheless.

So ive been busy out and about with Caleb and of course the inlaws were back for their final 10days here before returning to Canada yesterday. They were sad to leave.

Caleb is doing great. He has grown so much and those tiny baby days seem like ages ago now. He sleeps like an angel and all night which is amazing! Here we are
Ive been stitching too. Some more progress on his birth sampler which is nearly finished
And a new start, LHN's Always and Forever. Now i said i wouldnt start anything new until Caleb's sampler was finished but i couldnt resist (you know how it is) and its going to be a gift for someone so theres a date i need it done by. I love the colours of the chart but to buy one skein of the silk would be £5...err im on maternity leave i cant afford that, so i got a variegated DMC instead for 67p and i love the colour (DMC 4230)

Now my visitors have gone life can get back to normal and i'll get round to reading all my favourite blogs again :-)

Friday, 10 April 2009

Shaming myself into action

This, im embarassed to say, is my spare room. I am posting this picture to shame myself into doing something about it....this weekend. I can honestly say it has never been this untidy. Its all clean laundry i must point out but it needs put away!! We dump everything in this room and shut the door so visitors will never know LOL This Easter weekend DH is home Friday and Monday so i'll have baby-free time...tidy Cheryl tidy!!!!

Anyone doing anything nice for Easter? I'll be tidying (obviously) but am also meeting some friends for a walk this afternoon and on Sunday after church we have a 1st birthday party. Sure other things will crop up too.

Happy Easter!

Monday, 6 April 2009


Im trying to think what has happened since i last blogged! We had 2 healthy weekends, thanks for your comments! Today Caleb has woken up with a cold though. He's all bunged up and coughing. You can tell im a first time mum -even his coughing stresses me out LOL i have to keep checking he's not choking! Apart from that, we're doing great. Hes a happy and content wee boy (very smiley) and i can now actually leave him playing while i get things done. Its good to get into some sort of routine and a good nights sleep is great!

The inlaws have been and gone. They are actually down in England at the moment and return in a few weeks for another week here before they fly back to Canada. They were a good help and loved meeting their grandson. Still nice to get the house back to myself though!

I got some stitching done. Im being very disciplined these days and only stitching on this piece at the moment. I want it finished and framed for Caleb's room soon and if i do, it'll be the first piece stitched by me in my house-no joke!
Caleb is now 11 weeks old. How time flies! Here he is enjoying hanging out with his Canadian Grandparents