Thursday, 25 February 2010

Snow, snow go away!

Im really sick of snow. When will spring come? This much snow causes chaos here. Which is quite funny i suppose but annoying when you get stuck in your house all day and have to cancel your first hairdressers appointment in about 6 months aaaahhhhhhhh

Sunday, 14 February 2010

New job - hurray!

Happy Valentines Day! I got a bunch of lovely Roses and a box of chocolates which we ate last night whilst watching the olympics. There's something not right about stuuffing your face with chocolate whilst watching all these elite sportsmen/women in tip top condition LOL DH is most unhappy with the BBCs coverage of the Olypmics...mostly because they never show any ice-hockey games. As a Canadian he's not impressed at the British lack of interest in his beloved national sport!

Still loving this rotation. Here's my update on CDC (turn your head to the side, i just cant get blogger to post this horizontally). I really want to finish this this year! I have a big space on the wall in my lounge where it would look perfect all framed.
I got a new job! Wooo Hooo! It is such great news. In terms of funding it is no more secure than where i was but i am just so glad to be away. Its terrible to work for a charity where people (i.e. the boss) dont turn up for work, lie, manipulate, bully, make terrible financial decisions etc etc She was not happy when i gave my notice and to cut a long story short i just have to go in for a few hours on Wednesday to wrap up and then im done! Its a great feeling! I start my new job a week tomorrow. My new job is sounding great. The boss has been emailing me lots of stuff already, including a few training courses she wants me to go on. That looks promising!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

February glows??

My rotation is working a treat. I highly recommend it! I finished February. I put the snappers on the wrong way but now i'm thinking i prefer them like that and might leave them. Here's how my Bent Creek months are coming along so far.I dont think i would describe February as Glowing or March as Blowing but hey ho, it looks pretty anyway. Today, in the words of Barbara, i plan on getting Stitchers Butt LOL Bent Creek is back in the drawer and im moving on to work on Cirque.