Monday, 29 December 2014

Here again

I did exactly what i used to hate other bloggers doing! Disppeared! I really cannot believe i havent posted a blog post in over a year. That pretty much sums up my year, it flew by!! I took up a new position for a national charity and with my new job came less time to write a blog, keep up with blogs and as for stitching? Well, theres has been very little of that over the last year! I cannot even remember where i kept my blog feeds. Im sure i switched to Bloglovin when Reader went but now i cant find anything there. Ive restarted again on Feedly but now im trying to remember and track down the hundreds of blogs i used to follow! Its a lot easier to read blogs now i have a decent phone with decent apps!

I always used to worry when bloggers disppeared that something bad had happened, or they'd got sick etc etc It wasnt the case here. Ive generally just been super busy. I work, i ferry the boys about to all their different clubs, i run, i lead a running group, im chair of the parent council, i take exercise classes, we go to church. Life is busy busy busy!

2014 has been a great year! Im just trying to think back to all the things that have happened this year. I had some big personal achievements; i walked the West Highland Way (96miles) in June, i ran my first ever half marathon in October and i climbed Goatfell in Arran for the first time too. My eldest boy started school!!! He has lost 4 baby teeth! My youngest boy turned 3! We had a great 2 week holiday to Florida back in March. My husband started a new job.

I always stitch the boys an ornament for Christmas and at least i still managed to do that this year! Minecraft and Minions

If anyone out there still reads my blog let me know so that i can be sure to put you into my new Feedly. Cheers x