Saturday, 23 May 2009

First 2009 finish!

Yes, its 23rd May and this is my first finish of the year. Having a baby really cut down my stitching time LOL It's LHN's Always and Forever stitched with DMC4230. I stitched most of this in the hospital when Caleb was zonked out. Its a gift for someone so ive covered up the initials and date in case they read my blog. I need to buy a frame for it now.

Thanks for all the comments regarding Caleb. He is doing fine! We have had a great healthy week. Im enjoying maternity leave and im filling up my weeks nicely now. On Mondays we go to a tinytalk class, Tuesdays are currently free but theres a mum and tots group i might check out next week, Wednesdays we have the baby clinic and then baby massage, Thursdays a mum and tots group in the morning, Fridays/Saturdays are free then Sunday is a church day. Its good to be out and about. If we stay in all day i find it too long and Caleb is much harder work.

This is bank holiday weekend. Yesterday was so sunny and lovely i took Caleb out for a 3hour walk. Today is grey and rainy. Glad to have DH at home for an extra day :-)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Worst week of my life

I havent blogged in a while. This week has been busy. The week before was the worst week of my life. No exaggeration. Two weeks ago today Caleb was fine but by 6am Sunday morning he woke with a really high temperature. We called NSH24, who sent us to the doctor, who sent us to hospital, where we stayed for 4days. It was terrible. He had a fever, his heart rate was over 200, he stopped feeding (very unusual for him), was put on a drip, and had a lumbar puncture amongst other horrible tests. Awful, awful, awful. Meningitis was suspected but thankfully that wasnt the case. Something showed up on his kidney ultrasound so it looks likely to be some sort of infection. He was on IV antibiotics for a week and now he is on oral antibiotics for 6months :-( We will have follow up appointments at the hospital in the next couple of months. He is totally back to his normal self, mum and dad on the other hand are still traumatised! The hospital was great, we had our own room and we were both able to stay with him. It was a scary time though, the first night in particular when he was really sick. Here he is with the IV thing in his arm, poor baby and here he is looking totally fine a few days later
Praise God for his recovery!