Saturday, 18 July 2009


Happy 6month Birthday to my gorgeous gorgeous little boy!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Baby got teeth!

As of this week, my baby has teeth! 2 teeth! Look
My baby has also started being able to push himself around the floor. I left him on his playmat, came back into the room and this is where i found him
Time has really flown. He's great fun. My friend has a newborn baby and wow, how different! I can only vaguely remember that stage now.

Anyway, i started Mary Wigham. Progress will be slow because i dont get much time to stitch, just late evenings for half an hour at the most
Im off to camp on Saturday for a week. This is a camp our church runs. We have a boys week, a girls week and a mixed teen week. I help run the girls week. Theres about 60 of us this year. Its hard work but i love it. Ive been every year since i was 10. Im not sleeping there and i'll be travelling back and forward a lot during the day to help out with Caleb but the campsite isnt far from my house.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Back from the framers

We have had a really hot spell of weather and im actually glad to see some rain today coz its just been too hot! Its been good though, sometimes summers here can be depressing with all the rain but so far so good...

Anyway, look at this...
Caleb's sampler back from the framers! My first framed finish and im really pleased with it. So is Caleb
It was pricey to get it framed but these big finishes are few and far between so i just went with it.

Not much else to report....just been busy out and about in the sun. Took Caleb swimming for the first time last week and he loved it. We were at my cousin's wedding last weekend and i had him in a little shirt and tie, totally adorable.

Started my Mary Wigham piece at last ....update next post

Wimbledon Semis today- so hope Andy Murray gets through! Its been a loooong time since a Brit/Scot reached a Wimbledon Final. Go Murray go!