Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Stash i'll never stitch!

I finished stitching this design for the Quilts for breast Cancer group. This is a design that was in the Gift of Stitching online magazine in September 2007. I am going to stitch a breast cancer ribbon either side of the design as it's a bit small at the moment. I'll post another picture once i've done that.

Now for some stash. I spent so much on floss in Canada that ive been very good ever since and not bought anything else. I forgot that i did buy this chart in Canada though. Its Once Upon A Time by Passione Racome. Do you ever buy charts and then realise you'll never stitch them? I'll never stitch this. But it was a bargain at something like $8 Canadian. When i looked at the complicated chart i knew straight away that this will never be a finish LOL but it's pretty and maybe i'll change my mind one day!

As for charts i will stitch, i came across the freebie Rose Sampler SAL by EMS. I love this, it's so pretty and im going to stitch it in Red, probably DMC 115, one of my favourites. So watch this space! I know i shouldnt start any other big pieces, i have so many WIPS that are well neglected and other sals i could spend more time on (such as Cirque) but i have startitis and that's my excuse

It's 26th March and it's snowing. Whats the deal with that?

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Happy Easter

A long weekend at last! What are everyone's plans for Easter? We are enjoying being home this weekend. We have got plans this evening and will be at church tomorrow but that's about it. I hope to (maybe) get some painting done, my bedroom needs refreshed, and DH is putting new taps in the kitchen sink. Nothing like a holiday weekend for some DIY! I had hoped to get some serious running in but ive pulled a muscle in my lower calf and it is sore. I really don't want to stop running as im doing really well fitness wise, but i know i should stop training for a few days until it's better in case i do anymore damage. Very annoying!

So i have a few stitchy pictures to share. First of all Carol received the Tea Time exchange i sent her. I stitched one of Tanya's freebies and finished it as a pincushion.
I am also doing a PS Spring exchange with Anna. I am going to post yours soon Anna! Here is what i received this week from her
The chicken is actually a salt shaker! I love it! Anna thank-you so much! I love everything! So perfect for this time of year.

I started a new piece last night which, when complete, i am going to send to my Quilts for breast Cancer group. They are still looking for stitchers if anyone's interested? Or quilters to piece the stitched pieces together.Yes your eyes aren't deceiving you, i am stitching this on Aida!! It's been a few years since ive used Aida (im not a fan of it) but this group says Aida or Linen and i had some Aida of the exact size so thought i would use it up (then never buy the stuff ever again LOL) This is a design that was in the Gift of Stitching online magazine in September 2007. I am using a variagated pink that i received in a previous exchange.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! The sun is out here and im off to enjoy the day :)

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Spring has sprung

There is still snow on some of the hills over the River Clyde but apart from that, it definitely feels like spring is here. DH bought me these daffodils the other day. Today has been a beautiful sunny day and seeing as im in training for the 10K, i went for a run. I can just about run 3miles now without collapsing. 10k is 6.2miles so i still have some work to do!

My travels are over for the time being. Our next adventure is down to Bath in April for a wedding. Ive loved being at home this weekend! I finished chart number 1 on my Dear Diary SAL yesterday. This is Hannah Purington, definitely one of my favourites of this DD series
I forgot to post last week that i received a lovely PIF gift from Heidi. She made this crocheted needlecase. This is the first crocheted item i own so thank-you so much Heidi!
After trying to resist for a long time, ive given in and have started to watch Lost. My friend at work gave me season 1. I've heard everyone say that it is hard going and there are still no answers by season 3 but im going to watch it anyway and see how it goes!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Quilts for breast cancer

Im back from another weekend away. I was back down in Birmingham for a hen weekend. Had a good time but all that driving was tiring! Now i have a busy week ahead at work. I need to go to Edinburgh tomorrow for a conference. On Thursday night and Friday i will be away down south, just outside London. Can't wait for saturday to relax all day!! LOL it's only Monday and im dreaming of saturday already :)

Here is an update on my Dear Diary SAL piece. Im still working away on Hannah Purington. I really love this one! Laura has just completed her 2nd chart, check out her blog to see it, it's looking lovely! She is miles ahead of me!! The light is bad / non-existant here this morning so not a great picture
I have just joined the yahoo group Quilts for breast cancer. They are looking for stitchers to stitch squares for quilts if anyone is interested? Also anyone can request a lap quilt for anyone they know who is suffering from Breast Cancer or who is a survivor of the desease and would like to receive a quilt. Ive cut back in exchanges recently and thought this was a better way for me to spend my stitching time.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Catch up

Thank-you so much for all the birthday wishes. I had to spend most of my birthday travelling down to Birmingham (about 6hours away) for my best friends 30th birthday party. It was a fun party but a long way to go for a few hours! I got some great pressies for my birthday - clothes, an exercise bike, £45 worth of DMC (bought in Canada coz it's so much cheaper), perfume, the new Delia Smith cook book, money....i did well for myself!

Anyway, life is busy busy because this weekend i have to travel back down to Birmingham for another friends hen weekend. At least last weekend i could share the driving with my DH but this weekend i'll be on my own. Its been all go recently, back from Canada on Wednesday, back to work on Thursday then all these weekend trips. I dont think im over the jet lag yet because ive been up since 5.30am and i am never normally up before my alarm which is usually 7.30am!!
Anyway, speaking of Canada...we had a great time and im glad i decided to go in the end. Thank-you to everyone who asked about my ear. It was a wee bit sore on the plane but nothing too bad. It is still hurting now and again so i'll go the doctors soon to get it checked over.

Canada was lovely and snowy with blue skies. Not this mushy, wet snow and grey skies that we have here at the moment. It was a very different trip as most of our close friends over there have had babies in the last year! Very weird! So it involved lots of oooohing and aaaahing and day time activity and not much after 7pm LOL We were staying with DH's brother and his wife and our adorable nephew. He had his first birthday when we were there which was great! Here is DH with him and here is our familyFun times! Ive now had my fix of Dill pickle lays, Tim Hortons maple dip donuts and swiss chalet for another few months ;-)

There's basically been no stitching recently. I have to do the finishing on my Tea Time Exchange piece for the SBEBB this week and then i have to finish stitching the PS exchange im doing with Anna I am way behind on blog reading, i think theres over 500 posts in my google reader but i'll get there, bear with me :)