Wednesday, 31 January 2007

The Gym

I put on my profile that i like going to the gym. In the last 2 months i have been to my gym once. Isn't that bad? I have a membership at the gym which i pay £25 a month for. So basically i have paid £50 to go to the gym once. Not good! The thing is, i do like going to the gym once im there. It's the actual mental effort of going there that's the problem. I'm not going to the gym to lose weight, im not overweight, however, i'm not fit and this is why i joined a year ago. There is just so many other things i'd rather do in the evening than go to the gym. I cant withdraw my membership, it's like officially giving up.

On a happy note i've just had a text to say my friend (who i had the shower for on saturday) just gave birth to a baby girl called Fiona Esther! :)

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The meaning of bezza chezza and other stuff

A few months ago i reversed into someone in a car park. It was highly embarassing. I was just so tired and obviously didn't look properly. I was only going at 5mph but managed to put a dent in both his doors (insurance covered the damage but i lost 2years no claims bonus). Anyway, recently i have been seeing the guy all the time and i just can't look him in the eye. He pulled up next to me in the car park last week and i hid. It's just too embarassing. He was behind me in the queue at the ticket booth at the train station this morning and i was mortified. I don't want him to think im an air head or have the typical "woman" driver opinion. Its probably to late for that eh?! I'll continue to cringe every time i see him.

Now for an explanation. Some people have asked me about the title of my blog. Bezza chezza. When i started this blog i wasnt sure what shape it was going to take. Originally it thought it'd just be for friends and family. I have a group of best friends that ive known for years. We all live in different parts of the country now but continue to meet often. These are the "bezzas" i.e. best friends. I get called bezza chezza sometimes so i called my blog that. However, my blog took on a stitching theme and i decided not to promote it to my friends because none are even remotely interested in stitching! I keep joking that i'll convert them all one day. So there you go, the meaning of bezza chezza.

Talking about stitching....i started the "summer fun" kit last night but im not enjoying it. Ive made a mistake somewhere (the chart is very faint and complex) and i cannot figure out where i went wrong which is so frustrating. I'll come back to it when i feel more motivated for a challenge!
*8pm update - figured out where i went wrong with some help from hubby. Lots of frogging :(

Monday, 29 January 2007

Shower update

The shower was fab! Much to my relief! It was a lot of work but my mum was a great help. Nearly everyone invited showed up which was great (many hadn't rsvp'd so i wasnt exactly sure how many were coming but we ended up with over 20) and everyone joined in the games and had fun! Here's a picture of me explaining baby bingo.
We did prediction cards at the end. Everyone had to fill out a little card predicting baby's name, time of birth, weight etc. Lori has to get a present for whoever is closest once her baby arrives! Lori received lots of lovely pressies. Heres a picture of the mum to be holding one of them.
So im glad my first time as a baby shower organiser (and my first time at a baby shower full stop) went well!

Friday, 26 January 2007

Baby Shower and stuff

Aaaah, it's the weekend at last! Even though i had monday off, it feels like it's been a long week. It's probably going to be a busy weekend as well. Tonight we're going to my mum and dads for some takeaway Indian food hmm. My little doggy nephew Barney is coming too with my sis and her hubby and i can't wait to see him again!! He's just so cute!
Tomorrow afternoon i am having a baby shower for my friend Lori. She's originally from Arkansas and i felt bad that she'd be missing out on this American tradition so i offered to arrange one for her. She's become one of my good friends in the last year (it's her im giving "nice weather for ducks" to). We don't have baby showers here in the UK. A lot of people think it's bad luck to buy presents for the baby before the baby actually arrives. Isn't that strange? I think it is! I dont think younger people believe any of that now but older generations do! When i told my mum i was having a shower for Lori she was trying to make me wait til after the birth. Just in case!
Anyway, i had to do a lot of research into what happens at these showers. My sister-in-law had a bridal shower for me in Canada so i had a rough idea. A friend in Canada suggested a few things, i got some ideas of the internet and Mercy sent me an email with lots of game suggestions (thanks again Mercy). So i'm just about organised. Im having it at my mums house (she has a LOT more room than we have) and she's helping me with the food. Ive been shopping, i have about 8 games chosen, ive bought prizes and decorations for the room. Now i just have to hope that people actually get into the "baby shower spirit" and that the stupid British reserve doesn't kick in! Its only for 3hours, how bad can it be? I'm nervous though!
On Sunday we're normally busy with church and sunday club so the weekend is going to be over before i know it but hey, i'm not at work and that's the most important thing!!

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Finish number 2

Yeeahh! I finished my second baby piece. Im going to stitch the baby's name and birth date when she's born and then maybe frame it. What do you think? Ideas welcome! Grown up stitching here i come!!

Monday, 22 January 2007

Meet Barney

Meet Barney...our newest family member! Unfortunately he's not ours. My sister and her husband bought him on Saturday. Fortunately they live about 2 minutes away so we get to see him all the time. He's soooo cute. He's a pedigree Shi Tzu, just 8 weeks old. You'd think he was a new baby or something the way we've all been going on! So you can imagine who we spent most of the weekend with!

On a completely different note....apparently today was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Some one from Cardiff university (Dr Arnall) has come up with a worst day formula which is ([W + (D-d)] x TQ) ÷ (M x NA). (W: weather, D: debt, d: money due in January pay, T: time elapsed since Christmas, Q: time since failed New Year's resolutions to quit smoking, drinking etc, M: general motivational levels, NA: the need to take action.)

I must say it hasn't been true for me. I've had a great day, mostly because i had a day off work seeing as i worked on Saturday. So, i got up later, i went to the gym, came home and had lunch and then went to visit my friend Laura who had a gorgeous baby girl last week (she is just 5lb 8 oz and was so delicate looking and lovely). I spent a few hours with them, came home, made a rather tasty spaghetti bolognaise and am now planning on chilling out in front of the tv and doing some stitching. So Dr Arnall, today was a great day, how do you explain this??

Friday, 19 January 2007

A Finish and a WIP

A finish! "Noah's Ark." It's not the best picture but it'll have to do. This is for my sister-in-law who is due her baby soon. Im just waiting for the baby to be born now so i can stitch the name and birth date on before i frame it. The rain drops and the animals eyes are beads. You can't really see from this picture but the beads are a nice touch, especially for the rain drops.

This is the progress i've made on "nice weather for ducks." Hopefully it will be finished soon and i can start stitching some "grown up" pieces!! I have a few lizzie kate and 2 brightneedle designs waiting. I'll have to make a list soon!

Thursday, 18 January 2007


It's snowing! This is a big deal! When it snows here, life grinds to a halt. We are not equipped to handle snow. It took my sister 3hours to get to work this morning, a journey which normally takes her 10minutes! My husband's from Canada and thinks it's hilarious how stressed everyone gets when it snows. I really like snow when i can stay home but hate having to go to work and travel in it. It's a nightmare!

I was tagged by a meme from Zohrah the other day so here goes....6weird things about me (im not sure they're that weird but i'll let you decide that)
1. My favourite food is chips (fries) and gravy
2. I'd quite happily survive on salt and vinegar crisps if they weren't so bad for you
3. One of my ears sticks out a bit more than the other
4. I love sleeping
5. I cry easily
6. I laugh easily

Wednesday, 17 January 2007


I absolutely love the Dollhouse by Brightneedle. I think it is so lovely! I have admired it on other people's blogs and am following blogs of those that are stitching it to see how they're getting on. On Sunday i ordered the chart from a shop in England. I was woken up by the postman knocking at the door to deliver it on Tuesday morning. I was so excited! The chart was all wrapped in beautiful tissue paper with a ribbon around it. I opened it so carefully and you'll never guess what? It was the wrong chart!!! Gutted. They had sent me the Needlework shop by Brightneedle (which is also lovely but not what i was hoping for!) So, i had to send it back to them. Then they phoned today to say Dollhouse wasn't in stock after all and i will have to wait whilst they order it in! Very annoying. It's not like i have time to start it at the moment anyway, so i don't really mind, it was just a bit disappointing! I'm looking forward to starting it though (one day) as it'll be nice to stitch something i really love rather than all the pieces i've been stitching for babies! I have 3 pieces on the go at the moment all for friends/family that are expecting a baby. The pieces are cute but nothing like Dollhouse!

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Rain, rain and more rain

I know it's kinda boring to blog about the weather. However, our weather has been so unbelievably bad recently i have to mention it. I think it's rained every day since the 5th November. I know this because the 4th was my sister's wedding and that was a beautiful sunny day. The last beautiful sunny day i can remember. The last 3 days have been particularly bad (like new years) with terrible storms and flooding. Tonight we decided to stay in instead of going out to meet some friends and typically, the weather has knocked the tv signal out (again!)

Our kids club starts again tomorrow. 4 of us were out today visiting our regulars to let them know it was starting again and leafleting new houses (in the pouring rain) to try and get some new kids to come along. Our theme this block is "junior heroes" and ive spent the last few hours cutting out super hero name badges which they can colour and stick safety pins on. Ive attached a photo but it's quite dark. What a way to spend a saturday evening! We always start the first week back after a holiday with a party so i'll have to plan some party games in a minute. After that, i plan to watch a dvd with my hubby and do some more work on my "nice day for ducks" piece which im stitching for a friend's baby. Shes due in 3weeks so need to get moving!

Friday, 12 January 2007

What flavour Jellybean are you?

You Are a Green Apple Jelly Bean

Of all the flavors, you're the most complex and the most real. A little sweet, a little sour, and totally tangy. People can't describe you, but they love you!

Thursday, 11 January 2007

WIP no.3

I bought this today in a sale and will start it tonight. For another friend who's having a baby - very soon!

Wednesday, 10 January 2007


I love this beach hut one. Reminds me of Shoreham-by-Sea where i go camping every year. One of my favourite places! I'll start this next.

For my friend's baby. I have until July thank goodness!

New Year (10 days later)

Okay, so new years eve was over a week ago now but it's taken me until now to download some photos from my camera. We had 2 party nights and Sarah was up staying. On the saturday night we had folk over and had loadsa fun with Singstar on the ps2. What a laugh! On sunday night (new years eve) 7 of us had booked to go to a party night in Largs. We left to go and didnt get far. There was a big storm and the coast road was so flooded. The waves were coming right over the road and over the cars. Ive never seen it so bad. We turned back and ended up at Graeme and Emilys and had our own party night! Good times.

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Love and Cross Stitch

Someone spoke about this in church this morning and i thought it was nice so i'll share it here. We were thinking about showing love to people that are hard to like, let alone love, and we were challenged to 1) think about that person 2) find one thing that you admire/find positive about them and 3) give them 100% encouragement/praise for that thing. The 101% method. I'll try it at work tomorrow with the person who really bugs me!

I finished my cross stitch. It looks really cool. Im very proud of it. I started it a year or so ago, forgot about it and picked it up again at the beginning of the Christmas holidays and got it finished. Its a pressie for someone so i'll wait until i give it to them before i post a picture of it. I went straight to the craft shop (don't laugh!) and bought my next one to start for Becky's baby! I love my new hobby even if im being ridiculed for it by certain friends who shall, for now, remain nameless. Although i must find somewhere cheaper to buy these cross stitches as my local craft shop is a rip off!

Saturday, 6 January 2007

A new year, a new adventure in blogging

Hmm. Well, why am i doing this? I dont really know! I've been quite into reading random people's blogs recently when i've been bored at work. My husband thinks it's a good way of keeping a journal of our life. I guess it is a kinda cool thing to look back on. Im not convinced. I'll see how it goes though. We have family and friends that live in Canada who i am totally useless at keeping in touch with so i guess that this would solve that problem. I think im just wary of random strangers knowing all about my life! Its weird. But hey, i love reading random strangers blogs so maybe someone will love mine. Its January as well, a good time to start new things! Happy new year!