Wednesday, 17 January 2007


I absolutely love the Dollhouse by Brightneedle. I think it is so lovely! I have admired it on other people's blogs and am following blogs of those that are stitching it to see how they're getting on. On Sunday i ordered the chart from a shop in England. I was woken up by the postman knocking at the door to deliver it on Tuesday morning. I was so excited! The chart was all wrapped in beautiful tissue paper with a ribbon around it. I opened it so carefully and you'll never guess what? It was the wrong chart!!! Gutted. They had sent me the Needlework shop by Brightneedle (which is also lovely but not what i was hoping for!) So, i had to send it back to them. Then they phoned today to say Dollhouse wasn't in stock after all and i will have to wait whilst they order it in! Very annoying. It's not like i have time to start it at the moment anyway, so i don't really mind, it was just a bit disappointing! I'm looking forward to starting it though (one day) as it'll be nice to stitch something i really love rather than all the pieces i've been stitching for babies! I have 3 pieces on the go at the moment all for friends/family that are expecting a baby. The pieces are cute but nothing like Dollhouse!

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Zohrah said...

Very creative....maybe you could start on Needlework instead (I think that's what they thought about) since Dollhouse is out of stock.

I've seen the design and I must agree with you, they are lovely. I'm actually tempted to design my own since I am working in architectural & construction industry all that.

Well I would wait till you get the chart and follows your stitching progress on that.