Monday, 29 March 2010


Arent these cute? I bought them in a craft shop in my local town, Largs. A lady knits them. Inside there is a creme egg! I bought these 2 to send over to my niece and nephew in Canada for Easter.

The clocks changed this weekend. British summertime apparently...theres snow forecast this week!! What's that all about?

Did anyone watch the BBC show lastnight called Enid? A drama about Enid Blyton's life. I loved her books when i was a kid. After watching that show i really dont like her though! She seemed to be all about her fans and her glory and the public perception of her, to the detriment of her husband and kids. Ive still got 20mins left to watch so maybe she redeems herself but it doesnt look likely.

Friday, 26 March 2010

An almost finish

Why does blogger switch photos round? I give up trying to get this the right way round. Ive nearly got this one finished anyway. Just the beads to add and im just trying to decide whether to do the faces or not...what do you think? Its french knots for the eyes and then a red bead for the nose/mouth????

Its been one of those weeks here. Caleb was sick for 3/4 days, with some kind of stomach bug. I was worried about him. He wouldnt even drink so we kept having to syringe water into his mouth to keep him hydrated. Then i had a couple of days of feeling rough. Then we had some bad news about a friend. Just one of those horrible weeks you know?

Work this afternoon...enjoying my job at the moment. Its busy and challenging with lots of responsibility. Sometimes i think im a little out my depth but my boss seems to think i can do it....hey, im a quick learner :)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Monday, 8 March 2010


After my moan-about-the-snow post last time i thought i had better show just how beautiful it has been the last few days! Blue sky, sunny and cold - perfect days! Looking over to the isle of Arran in this picture
So March doesnt "blow" like my recent finish suggests. I dont like this March design but hey ho, its finished anyway
So whats been happening recently? I got my hair cut short into a bob (cant decide if i like it but its easier to get ready in the mornings, so thats good), i started my new job and im really enjoying it, it was my 29th birthday on the 1st, my friend came up from London for 4 days and Caleb has started saying lots of words (his favourite seems to be bubble). Life is busy but all is good :)