Saturday, 24 May 2008

Im still here!

Hi folks. Just thought i'd check in to say hi and that i am still here! Ive been sick this last week and done nothing but feel sorry for myself and sleep a lot!! Absolutely no stitching.

Last week i did stitch and finish a biscornu though. My first ever one! It was a gift for someone so as soon as it arrives with them i'll show some pictures.

Right that's me for now, still not feeling 100% and the computer screen gives me a headache. Back soon with photos hopefully

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Part 4 complete

I finished part 4 of The Rose Sampler yesterday. Just need to work on part 2, 3 and 5 now! I cant put this one downI've also just started Janice's RR. Janice wanted an autumn theme and i think you'll agree it looks superb so far

I am stitching LHN's acorns and pine trees in my square. The squares so far have been stitched by Lizzy (top left), Donna (bottom middle) and Edgar (bottom right).

Have a good weekend everyone. For once i dont have many plans (yeah!!) Im off to visit my friend and her new baby today. Also need to get some running in, the big event is a week tomorrow!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

I love tea

Dorset was fun! We ate and drank lotsWe danced lots We relaxed lots!I was back on Monday night but had Tuesday off work as well. We are having a heat wave at the moment here in Scotland, it's so sunny and warm. Better make the most of it in case this is our summer LOL

I had 2 packages waiting for me when i got home. The first, my tap shoes (class again tonight!!) and the second, my tea time exchange! Cathy and Jill were so kind as to put a package together for me as my exchange partner is missing. I thought this was really kind of them! Thank-you so much ladies. I drink a lot of tea, i am British after all, so this is perfect for my kitchen! Also included were a Shepherds Bush kit called "Tending the Blooms" and some piecemakers needles. Love everything!

Only 11 days until i run the 10k! Getting nervous now! Im just over half way on the amount of money im hoping to raise. Please visit my website to find out more Thanks in advance for looking!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Off to Dorset

Its May bank holiday weekend and 8 of us girlies are off to Dorset on the South Coast of England for a long weekend. We go every year and it's great fun. This is what we stay in (picture of 2 of my friends from last year). My sister and i fly down to East Midlands airport tonight, stay overnight with a friend and then the 3 of us drive the rest of the way tomorrow, about a 4 hour drive. We're booked into a Spa on Sunday which will be nice. Hoping to hire boats another day (weather permitting of course) and we go out every night. Fun! Speaking of'll never guess what i started last night? Tap dancing lessons!! LOL. Havent been tap dancing since i was about 5! I went with my friend and her mum and it was great! Wasn't sure if i would enjoy it or have enough rhythm but it was fine! Will definitely go back next week.

Been another busy week with little stitching but here's some slight progress on EMS Rose Sampler. I find this one hard to put down!
Have a good weekend!

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