Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday morning bliss

Considering i managed to blog every day in December i've done pretty poorly ever since!

Monday morning, my precious time! Caleb is over in the community centre at playgroup, its snowing/raining and super windy so im not going running; what a great excuse to chill out in peace and quiet :-)

The inlaws have gone back to Canada. They were a great help with the wee one but boy, i did breath a sigh of relief when they left. It was all just a bit too intense....too many people not enough room. We will hopefully get over to Canada in September.

Ive been working away on the birth sampler for my nephew. Here's an update
Im putting it aside for a few days to work on a Spring themed exchange for Jo over at Friendly Stitchers

I am in the last week of my 20's!!! A week tomorrow i will be 30! Ergh, i have a thing about 30, it just sounds a lot older than 29. Im having a big party to celebrate though. Since i was a teenager ive always wanted a big bash for my 30th. I've invited lots of people, im having a disco, ive got a gorgeous party dress and i can't wait! It's not til the 12th so i'll need to plan something to do on my actual birthday.

Off to get another cuppa....i love Monday mornings :-)

Friday, 11 February 2011


I got some stash this week! I havent bought anything for absolutely ages but i seen this on sale at Thread Bear (a fab store) and couldnt resist it! CHS Alphabet Sampler and i also got this one....just because it's pretty and im going to SAL with Kathy!

Ive had a busy week this week. Im working 3 days a week for the next month as im doing a Charity Law training course. Also, my inlaws are over from Canada. This weekend we have a wedding tomorrow and a 21st birthday party on Sunday. Good job these Grandparents are here, babysitters on tap ;-)

Got my redundancy letter yesterday which sucks! Its more a formality as we have a merger looming at work and we can apply for jobs in the new regime but i dont know if i want to. Anyway, im starting to look for jobs and aiming higher. Im a Development officer for a charity but im going to start looking for Project Manager positions. I do have management responsibilities as part of my current remit. My boss is encouraging me to aim high and i know she'll help me with it. I could do it, im just wary of the huge responsibility that comes with Project Management of/in a Charity and the kinds of stress/pressure that could bring.

As an update to my previous post....bad ass stitchy woman removed herself/was removed from the group. Thank goodness!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bad ass stitchy woman

Thanks for all the good wishes on my previous post regarding the birth of my little nephew Harry. He's doing great and is a very good baby! Lucky Mummy and Daddy!

I havent got much to say, just thought i'd check in and say hi. One thing i have to mention....i've read on blogs over the years how nasty people can get on email groups/exchange groups etc etc but i had never experienced that at all! Stitching women turn nasty?? Surely not?! WELL.....a yahoo group i belonged to just got a new moderator and the woman sent out some pretty awful emails. Its a charity stitch thing....send in a square as and when you can. However, the new moderator went all bad ass and is berating people as selfish and slackers and we shouldn't just be stitching when "we feel like it." I cant do justice to the nastiness of her emails, really, it was awful. I was actually livid when i read it and left the group immediately.

So, there you go, my first experience of nastiness in the stitching world. Ergh, it was horrendous. I hope she doesn't read my blog, she scares me.....

p.s. i will carry on doing some charity stitching as and when i can, but i'll find a nice new friendlier group to stitch for that's for sure!