Wednesday, 25 February 2009


That's one of my favourite pics to date! Cutie! Although i wasnt saying that when we were still awake at 4.30am this morning. Typically he has slept all of this morning but i had visitors and couldnt sleep myself aaaahhh He'll be 6weeks old this Sunday, which is also my birthday.

I received this gorgeous gift from Anna yesterday and it made my day! Isnt the card adorable too? Thanks Anna, that was really kind of you. Such a lovely ornie!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Thanks to everyone who has been commenting recently. I love reading them and i have lots of new blogs to check out some day soon when time/baby allows! Thanks to those who gave some breastfeeding advice/support - it is much appreciated!

Now i have to show this wonderful handmade hanging ornie that Hazel sent me for Caleb! I couldnt get a clear photo because its already hanging up. I love it! Handmade pressies mean so much. Hazel, you are so kind! Isnt it great?
And i also received this lovely card from Dawn yesterday. Its my birthday on 1st March and Dawn and i share birthdays. Such a lovely card. Thank-you so much Dawn, it was so nice of you to remember me!
Now i cant finish without posting another Caleb photo! You readers might get bored of baby pictures, but hey, its my blog and he's changing so much week by week i like to document it! Hes doing great, put on another 9oz this week which is so encouraging for me when ive been stressing about the breastfeeding

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Birth story

We are getting on well and getting a bit more sleep which is good! Caleb is 8lb9oz this week which im so pleased about as im breastfeeding and it was stressing me out about whether he was getting enough - he always seemed hungry and always wanted fed. Its hard going. However, this week we have discovered the joy of dummies (soothers) because so often he just wants to suck!! He just has one for a little while and it totally settles him. Now that he's not always on me im regaining my sanity. I was so ready to quit and go to bottles on Monday determined and i have perseverance and we're definitely getting there!

I havent had a chance to blog about the birth yet but lets just was awful!! I went into hospital on Friday 16th for induction. The induction process started Friday afternoon with prostin. Then another dose again on Saturday morning. After a membrane sweep Saturday lunchtime contractions started at 2pm. I was taken to the labour suite at 4pm to have my waters broken but due to emergencies there was no doctor available to break my waters until midnight! So i had 3minute apart contractions from 2pm - midnight. It was torture. By 4am, after much gas and air and diamorphine , i was only 4cm and had an epidural. Which was AMAZING, relief at last! By 11am Sunday however, i was still only 4cm and the decision was made to Csection because Caleb's heartbeat was dropping everytime the drip was increased. Lets just was just as well....turns out the cord had a true knot which was blocking Caleb's descent and a normal birth would not have been possible without a real emergency situation occuring. Thank God for the way things turned out. He was born at 12.01pm and it was great to hear him cry straight away - an emotional moment we will never forget!

Friday, 6 February 2009


Having a baby is exhausting! Truely exhausting! Noone can prepare you for this! Where do you folk find time to anything?? Hes awake (a lot), he feeds (a lot), he dirties his nappy (a lot) and sleeps (not so much)! He's very cute and getting on well though, 8lb1 now. Gotta calls