Tuesday, 29 May 2007

In Canada

This is day 3 of our holiday and i've found the local LNS already thanks to Wendy and Dani! Thank-you ladies! What a novelty - there are no shops like this anywhere near where we live. I just loved it. All those charts in one place. Great! It was called Golden Threads Imports Inc and was actually within walking distance of the house we're staying at. We've stayed here loads of times and never known this shop was there, even my SIL hadn't heard of it. So i've bought stash already and maybe i'll go back again another day! I managed to get
Mirabilia - "The Feather Fairy" (something of my wish list) and i also picked up
Lizzie kate - Friendship II
Elizabeth's Designs - Special Stitcher
I was disapointed there was no Carriage House Samplings as i have a longing to buy Village of Hawk Run Hollow. There were only 2 LHN charts in the shop as well which was also disappointing but i have spent enough for now anyway! I went to Michaels and picked up a load of DMC so cheaply. The price difference is unbelieveable! I paid the same in cents that i pay in pence in the UK! Bargain!

We made it over here okay after a loonnng journey. Our flight appeared to be on time but then we sat on the plane for 2 hours before take off!!! There was some problem with the computer systems at air traffic control and no flights were able to fly over the Atlantic for a period of time. This meant that they had to change flight plan and we ended up going over the Shetland isles and then over Greenland etc and right over the far north of Canada. It was cool! We could see icebergs in the water all the way and loads of snow. The views were amazing. It meant the flight was a bit longer (8 hours) so we ended up on the plane for 10 hours which was very boring. They only showed one movie as well.

So we are having a good time so far seeing all our friends and family again and getting to know our 3 month old nephew! The weather's great too which is always a bonus. Im off to sit in the garden now, i love holidays :)

Friday, 25 May 2007

Almost gone...

I know i said that my last post was my "last post" before my hols but i was just clearing some pictures off the camera for going away and decided to post a picture of this, more for my record than anything else. All finished and framedWe're just about ready to go. All packed and the house is clean and relatively tidy for our return. Im not looking forward to the journey but im trying not to think about it too much at the moment! I had my first ever pedicure on thursday (not as good as i'd hoped it'd be) and got my hair cut today (got quite a lot chopped off) so that's me all set to go!
Will write again soon from the other side of the pond!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Last post before hols

We try to go to Canada at least once a year as that is where my DH is from and he obviously likes to go home and visit his family and friends. This trip is even more important as it's the first time we'll see our nephew who was born in February. However, i must admit that i don't really find these trips a "holiday" in the true sense of what a holiday should be (the two of us away from everyone/everything, in the sun, in a nice hotel...preferably in Greece)! Trips to Canada are filled with visiting and visiting and more visiting. DH loves it. Im not a fan...probably because i haven't grown up with these people and aren't as comfortable with them as he is. I won't even get started on how much my MIL annoys me aaah. When we first used to go over after we married we'd stay with the inlaws however, i just can't handle MIL for 2 weeks and the last time we went we used the excuse of them not having a comfortable bed, to stay with DH's brother and his wife - it's a lot more fun! At least this trip my parents will be there for some of the time too. They arrive in Canada the middle of next week. We're all there at the same time for my cousin's wedding you see. DH moved over here for a girl (me) and my cousin moved over there for a girl! Weird eh? So in the middle of our stay, DH is going camping with some friends for 2 days and im going to stay at the hotel that my mum and dad will be in. That is the part of my holiday i'm most looking forward to! Anyway, enough moaning. DH gave up his life in Canada, which he loved, to move over here for me and i feel pretty selfish moaning about having to go there for 2 weeks. But if i can't moan on my blog where can i moan though right? :)
I won't be completely absent for the next few weeks. We'll have internet access so i'll post now and again and catch up with all your blogs im sure.

Im hoping to get some stitching done whilst we're away. Im taking 2 PIF gifts with me to work on. It would have been good if i'd have had my partners name for the Fair and Square Exchange before we went so that i could work on that out there too but we don't get those 'til 1st June. Im looking forward to that exchange so much!

Here's my stitching updates before i go. We have weddings on the 9th and 16th June. The 16th one is back here in Scotland. I finished the stitching for that one in April but here's the other one finished now too for my cousin and his wife to beI enjoyed stitching it the first time but i hated starting it all over again. It was really boring. Im glad to have finished it. As you will see from the list in the sidebar, this is my first finish for May! I've had at least one finish per month so far so would like to keep that trend up! I bought pine frames for these pieces and then my mum came round last week and painted them for me. Thanks mum if you read this!They're not framed yet but here's a rough idea of how they will look. Im really pleased with the colour.Finally here's this weeks progress on my SAL with Jamie. Last weeks progress here. It's beginning to take shape at last! We're taking a break from it whilst im away.

I'm going to get a pedicure tomorrow during my lunch break! I've never had one before, im looking forward to it. Im also getting my haircut on Friday afternoon. It hasn't been cut for ages so im looking forward to that too!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Calling all Canadians....

Well in 6 days time we're off to Canada. DH is happy to be going home :) We're going to be in Ontario and will be in Hamilton/Toronto/Fairy lake in Huntsville. Does anyone know of any good LNS's in those areas? It's so cheap for us Brits to buy over there so it's the perfect opportunity for some stash shopping!! Any help would be much appreciated, if you could leave me a comment or email me that'd be great cherylthomas3000 at yahoo dot com.

In stitching news i have started a new project which is a PIF gift. I love starting new pieces. I seen a blog once called "confessions of a serial starter" and i thought that would be perfect for me! I love starting new things. I really really want to buy (and start) Village of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings but i will wait until we go to Canada to see if i can buy it over there. I have also signed up to the Fair and Square exchange which im excited about and if you're interested, the rules are here

Here's some West of Scotland Weekend photos for you to enjoy. This is looking across to the Isle of Arran
and we were out for dinner tonight with my family and this was the view out of the restaurant window

Thursday, 17 May 2007

I'm a winner!

I won this beautiful sewing box made by Judith! 84 people entered her draw to win it and my number was chosen. 62 is my new lucky number ;)Isn't is beautiful? The card is also from her. Here it is from the inside
I always admire everything Judith makes on her blog and now i am the proud owner of something and i love it! Once again, thank-you so so much Judith. It was so kind of you to offer this on your blog! Stitching bloggers are great!

Here's a progress picture on the SAL im doing with Jamie. Last weeks picture can be seen here. I stitched the leaves on the branches and the leaves on the plant pot at the top and a bit more on the side bar. I only manage a couple of hours at the very most on this each Tuesday night. Only one more day 'til the weekend!! In fact, i only have one week of work left before we go to Canada for 2 and a 1/2 weeks. Looking back at my blog it looks like i'm always on holiday ;) it just so happened this year that all our weekends away and holidays are all crammed together!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Back from Exmouth

I had a great time away. The weather wasn't great but it didn't matter, we had so much fun! I have come back so tired that i had to take another day off work! Three nights out in a row just finished me off, i must be getting older ;) We slept in late every morning, stayed out late every night, drank too much, ate too much....the usual girly weekend. On sunday we had a relaxing 3 hours at the spa and then walked to the beach later on. Here's a photo of me (on the left) and my friend at the beach Here's another photo of us out one night

The only bad thing about being away...i came back to way over 100 feeds in my google reader. It's going to take a long time to catch up that's for sure!

Now for a stitching update. Here's the latest on Dollhouse. I finished another room last week.
I bought a little bit of stash the other day. The Kreiniks were reduced from £3 to 99p which was great seeing as i needed them anyway for the next PIF gift i'm about to start working on. I also bought some metallic DMC, i've never used this before. It doesn't feel very nice. I love DMC115, i bought it for a freebie i wanted to start and now i can't remember what it was LOL
On a final note, I was tagged by Rowyn, Noreen and Christine whilst i was away. I have to tell you eight things about myself that you might not already know. Here’s how to play:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

So here goes:
1. I love drinking tea. Maybe im addicted, i don't know ( or care ;) )
2. I love doing laundry!
3. My favourite TV shows at the moment are: the apprentice, ugly betty and desperate housewives
4. I go into bookshops, type the books i want into my mobile phone and then order them at my local library (for just 20p) which is right opposite where i live.
5. I am very impatient
6. I have been married 4 years in September
7. I was born in Scotland and live in Scotland but i have an English accent.
8. I love sleeping and love a good 10 hours a night (if only time would allow though!)

Now i tag: Mercy, Donna, Michelle, Itching to Stitch, Karen, Carla, Juls and Paula

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Holiday time!

Im off on holiday! Every year a group of my best friends go away for a long weekend. We're going to Exmouth in Devon which is at the very bottom of the UK. Far from Scotland! So my sister and i leave tonight. We are flying to Birmingham, staying with one of the "bezzas" who lives there and then she is driving us the rest of the way tomorrow. Will probably be about a 3 or 4 hour drive. There are 9 of us staying in something like this:

There was 8 of us last year and that was kinda cramped so 9 will be interesting especially seeing as 1 of those 9 is 7 months pregnant as well. It is always brilliant fun though. On Sunday we have booked to go to a spa. We did the same last year and it was wonderful.

Im going to try and add a photo of my SAL piece im doing with Jamie to this post later. My internet at home wasn't working this morning so if it doesn't appear, you'll know why!

*4pm Update* here's my progress on coffee menu this week (last weeks can be seen here).

Monday, 7 May 2007

Bank holiday weekend

This is a bank holiday weekend which means a day off work today! This was great as i had a busy saturday and sunday. Our friends from London came up to stay for the weekend. So i spent friday night and saturday morning getting the place tidy for their stay. On saturday evening DH was playing with his band at a big church event for young folk. They practiced a lot for this and it was worth it because they were great, i was so impressed! Anyway, we took our friends to the airport late last night and it has been great to have this extra day today to relax! DH went to the driving range with his friends and i stitched the afternoon away whilst watching season 2 of the gilmore girls (an american friend gave me the boxset - it's not on over here).

In typical British bank holiday fashion....it rained today. This was so annoying as it had been so beautiful recently whilst i've been stuck in that hole of an office at work. So my West of Scotland weekend photos were taken out of my windows LOL. Out of the kitchen window: and out of a bedroom window

this is not my garden, it's my neighbours, but i just love that blue/purple bush in their garden.

Now for a stitching update....i wanted to post a picture of Cirque des Cercles because i finished 1 of the circles (1 down, many many more to go!!)There's a bit of a shadow on the photo.

Today i decided to go back to Dolhouse. I feel like i haven't stitched on it in ages but the break was much needed. It's one of those pieces that require thread changes all the time and i get fed up of it sometimes. The break has been good though as i've enjoyed working on it again this afternoon. I'll post a picture later in the week.

Yesterday i was showing my friend all my WIPS and stash whilst our hubbies played on the Wii. She thinks it's hilarious that i love it so much and took great delight in teasing me. She's quite crafty so i thought she'd be interested but she didn't seem to like anything much at all and thought it was a boring hobby. I grew up with this friend, isn't it funny how you can be such good friends with people that have totally different interests? I guess sometimes friendships are more about the things you've experienced together in the past and that's our bond rather than similar hobbies etc.

On a completely different note...for anyone that read my post the other day entitled "a history lesson," the SNP won the election in Scotland by 1 seat :( I was so disappointed. At least they don't have a big majority. Im hoping no other party will join up with them because that way they will never pass a bill to have a referendum for Scottish independence.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Some progress

First of all an update on my weekly SAL (LHN's coffee menu) with Jamie. You can see last weeks progress here and here's this weeksand whilst im posting updates here is the lastest picture of Cirque des Cercles.
I've read quite of few blogs recently with stitchers thinking about starting/purchasing this and i would say....GO FOR IT!!! Although it's a huge piece, it is really nice to stitch and the chart (all 6 pages of it) is easy to follow. I love it and i love stitching with silks! Poor Dollhouse has been relegated to my stitching box for the time being.

I have also started Lizzie Kate's "Joined in Love" all over again for a different couple. I won't bother posting a WIP picture at the moment. I work on this during the day at work as it's a quick and easy piece to do.

Right, now to answer an SBQ. I have been signed up to these since January and have never answered one. Im going to now though!

Today's SBQ was suggested Kathryn and is: How many WIPs do you have? How many UFOs do you have? When does a WIP become a UFO?
Currently i have 5 WIPS. They are: Dollhouse (Brightneedle), Cerque des Cercles (Ink Circles), Joined in Love (Lizzie Kate), Coffee Menu (LHN), PIF Gift

I have 1 UFO. This was a DMC Kit called "summer fun" that i originally bought to stitch for a friend who is having a baby. However, it is a huge piece and i changed my mind after stitching some of it and decided just to do something simple instead. It is packed away in my stitching box indefinitely.

Generally my WIPS dont become UFOs but if they do it's either because i don't like the piece anymore or i'm not enjoying stitching it.

The previous SBQ was suggested Danielle and is: Are you on "The Wagon?" If so, how long have you been on and how"serious" are you about it? If not, have you considered it?

No i'm not on the Wagon and am not considering it LOL. I don't go crazy with stash, if i see something i really like i put it on my wish list. Sometimes i see a piece that i just have to have right away (like Cerque des Cercles) and i just get it. This doesn't happen too often though as im quite fussy!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

A History Lesson

I did a History degree, these things interest me..............................

300 years ago today "The Act of Union" came into effect. This Act brought Scotland and England's parliaments together into one parliament at Westminster, London and created the "Kingdom of Great Britain" instead of the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England. This was not a popular Act in Scotland, there were protests, petitions etc and throughout the years there has been a strong opposition to the fact that the traditions of the Westminster parliament continued whereby the Scottish ones were lost. It is felt by some that the UK parliament was more concerned with England than the other nations. In 1997, there was a referendum in Scotland and in 1999 a Scottish parliament came into being once again. Westminster agreed to devolve some of its responsibilities over the domestic policy of Scotland to the Scottish parliament. So the Scottish parliament doesn't have total control but does deal with important issues such as health, education, justice and agriculture. All foreign policy and overall rule is still held at the UK parliament in Westminster.

The reason i wanted to document this on my blog is because in 2 days time Scotland goes to the polls for the Scottish parliament elections. It is highly likely that the Scottish Nationalist Party will gain power in the parliament. If this happens they plan to hold a referendum in 2010 to decide whether or not we should revert back 300 years to make Scotland a completely separate country again. The SNP want a seperated Scotland, hence dissolving "The Act of Union." This is scary - i personally feel that Scotland would not benefit from being split off from England, we are a smaller country, a poorer country...could it really survive on its own? Scotland isn't ready to be its own nation. It's not mature enough. So many people up here are ignorantly anti-English and think that that's a good enough reason to split away from them. What they can't see is that Scotland isn't even a united country...fellow Scots can't even get on with each other, there's a protestant/catholic divide, a east/west divide, a north/south divide. Whilst i was born in Scotland, i grew up in England, i have an English accent....i want the UK to stay the UNITED kingdom, the implications of it not are scary. I guess in 2 days time we'll find how the future may go.....