Sunday, 22 November 2009

10 months

Another week has flown by. My weeks are busy. I go to various mums and tots groups on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, i work on a Wednesday and meet up with friends and their babies to swim most Fridays. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone. Caleb was 10months old on Wednesday. Here is my cheeky boy who's now nearly walking. He is a lot of fun!
Im back at work now one day a week. I hate where i work now. I work for a charity with only 5 people and its awful. There are a lot of lies, backstabbing, corruptness... it's shocking. I work for a boss who rarely shows up. I do the same job (and better in my opinion) as a guy with no experience but who is paid £10,000 more it. Its a corrupt place, full of injustices which could turn you into a bitter person if you didnt rise above it. Thankfully funding is nearing an end and changes are afoot, which will mean reapplying for jobs, but im glad. It's a scandal that the place can run as it is.

This week im off to a wedding down south. Im going on my own as Caleb wasn't invited and DH has work. 2 child-free nights in a beautiful hotel, with a gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna! Bliss! Will be very strange being on my own and i'll miss my boys but i am really looking forward to it as well! I got a beautiful Karen Millen dress off ebay to wear to the wedding.

Ive finished and mailed 2 Christmas ornaments this weekend so i will be able to show pictures of them soon. Have a good week!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Not stitching

A few months ago i received this framed Caleb piece from my friend. Its basically letters and circles cut out of fabric and hand-sewn on to a larger piece of fabric. I have no desire to stitch at the moment and so ive decided to try something similar for my niece. I cut out the fabrics last night.
Im not going to frame it, i think i'll make it into a pillow. I'll wait and see how it looks once its all sewn on.

Ive stitched 3 Christmas ornies recently, for Clare, Kathy and Jill. Now i just need to do the finishing.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Stitching is good for your health

So according to a magazine im reading, clinical studies have shown that sewing can help to reduce the three key markers of stress - blood pressure, heart rate and perspiration. It's official then, stitching is good for your health!

With that in mind, i wish i had more time for it! Life is busy at the moment and the weeks fly by. As of last week, im back at work every Wednesday. Im also on a fitness kick at the moment too, back into running and going to a body combat class at least once a week. It feels good! These dark winter days can make you sluggish otherwise.