Sunday, 27 June 2010

Home from hols

We're home! Had a fab time in Florida. We were in Orlando, doing the disney thing and Dad had hired a villa for the 7 of us. It was super hot and we had a storm nearly everyday but they never lasted long. It was great to have hot sunny weather and access to our own pool and just be away on holiday and have a break from "normal" life.

We were dreading Caleb on a plane. He's 17months and rarely sits still. However, he was an angel! We were pretty gobsmacked actually. On the way over he stayed in the seats the whole time (didnt even try get into the aisle), played with his toys, entertained the people behind and played with the window blind. I dont know how we passed 9hours but we did. On the way home (a nighttime flight) he slept most of the way!

Matthews family came down from Canada to visit which was great. His mum and dad babysat a few days so we could go and visit Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Caleb got to meet his cousin Luke for the first time and it was great. They got on so well, it was so cute. Caleb changed a lot on holiday, grew up even more. He speaks really well and comes out with all sorts of hilarious things, i think he was copying Luke (who is 3).

Im sure there is loads more to say about our holiday. Jetlag is a killer though....our sleeptimes are totally messed up. When mummy and daddy are shattered Caleb is wide awake and vice versa. Cant get him into bed before 1am. Its hard going. Hoping things return to normal soon!