Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas!

Just want to wish everyone that reads my blogs a very Happy Christmas from our home to yours! Looks like we're going to have a white one, which is rare, it's cold and snowy!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas Exchange no.2

Isn't this gorgeous? Clare doesnt have a blog but we got emailing when she responded to my Christmas exchange request. It is so petite with totally perfect stitching and finishing, a billion times better than mine thats for sure. I love it!

As well as this little beauty she sent all these goodies too! Look at the hat and mitts she knitted for Caleb. Beautiful!
I annoyingly didnt take a picture of what i stitched for Clare, but it was basically the same as the one as i sent Kathy (see previous post) except it was JBW's Peace, Love, Joy.

Been another busy week in our household. Was away with work overnight which was awful. The usual office Christmas party shenanigans going on...tears, fights, bitchiness, backstabbing, totally drunk idiots saying too much they shouldnt etc etc Was awful, just keeping low and getting on with my job, 2 days a week, surely i can survive that?!

Looking forward to Christmas now. Its fun with Caleb! He was 11months old yesterday.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas Exchange no.1

My 2 nights away were bliss! I arrived thursday afternoon, spent ages in the gym, went swimming, sat in the jacuzzi, had a meal and a glass of wine in the bar then went to my room and watched tv and had a peaceful night! Full English Breakfast Friday morning before heading to the wedding. The wedding was lovely as was another night in the hotel, with another fry up Saturday morning followed by the gym and then home. I would recommend all mums have a get-away overnight! It was great!

I have taken part in 3 Christmas exchanges this year. Ive enjoyed stitching Christmas ornaments for my blogging friends. Here is the first which went to Kathy

Its a JBW designs piece. The ribbon says Merry Christmas and i added a little charm thing in the left corner. I sent Kathy other gifts which you can see on her blog.

Here is what Kathy sent me (blogger just wont let me turn this photo round). The mitts are so cute! She also included chocolates but they are long gone!

I love Christmas exchanges! Thanks Kathy!