Friday, 29 March 2013

March Wipocalypse

Anniversary sampler for our 10th anniversary in September. I'm stitching it in purple to match the living room, the picture doesn't do the colour justice.

I've got to stitch 3 of these as Caleb has 3 nursery teachers. 

Time to update my progress for the March Wipocalypse. The rotation is out the window for now and im focussed mainly on these 2 projects at the moment because they have deadlines; our anniversary in September and the end of term in June. 

My friend has started an online book group (on facebook) if anyone is interested? This months book will be Silence by Shusako Endo. If you're interested let me know and i can send you an invite!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snow much fun!

It's the end of March, it's supposed to be spring time and we have more snow than we've had all winter and we are loving it! When there's nowhere you need to be, snow is great! We have had a lot of fun the last few days!


I was gutted to hear google reader was going but have imported everything easy peasey onto Bloglovin and highly recommend it!

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Turns out this rotation is working out pretty well for getting things finished! It forces me to work on things i don't want to work on! Now this finish is for you Irene. When i finished the stitching on this ornament but was moaning about the actual finishing Irene wrote to me: "Come on Cheryl, just bite the bullet and finish them! Think how 'hip hip hooray' ing you can be then. They are lovely, but not really 'finished' yet are they?? Do I sound like your mother? I sound like my mother! Irene xxx"  Irene, i hope you don't mind me posting your comment here, it did make me laugh a lot and look, it inspired me too lol

Caleb's Christmas (2012) ornament....
Now to finish Aaron's!

Ive finished the stitching on this Lizzie Kate piece too. Caleb has 3 nursery teachers so seeing as how long the Christmas ornaments took, im making an early start to ensure i can get 3 of these done for June.

All is well here at casa Thomas. I had a lovely weekend away there with a whole bunch of women from the church. It was fun and relaxing and a great way to spend Mother's Day...kid free lol ;-)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Drowning in domestic drudgery

Lost. Stitching blogger. Last seen trying to make a dent in this insurmountable pile of ironing. 

Saturday, 2 March 2013


There goes February without a single blog post. My days/weeks have been flying by recently.

February was a good month and most notably i got to go away for a whole weekend with my best friends to a wee village in the Cotswolds. We try to do this every year and i love that things never change between the 9 of us. 

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. I can truely say that this was one of my most favourite birthdays ever. Here's how my day went:

- Cup of tea in bed
- Husband made pancakes for breakfast (without being asked!!)
- A 5K run in beautiful sunshine along the coast
- A long shower to get ready for my afternoon at a gorgeous country club (by myself, myself-yes!)
- 2 course lunch at said country club
- Chill out with my book and magazine on some plush sofas to let my lunch go down
- Nice relaxing swim in the pool
- Jacuzzi
- Steam Room
- Express Facial
- Back, shoulder and neck massage
- Pot of tea next to log fire
- Home just in time to put boys to bed
- Cocktails and DVD with hubby

I loved it. I loved the ME time. Im never on my own. I never get to just be. It was bliss just to be on my own, not have to talk to anyone and totally relax. I love my hubby for this gift! It was the best birthday and exactly what i needed.

Today has been a lovely day too. I went out for an 11 mile bike ride this morning then the 4 of us spent the rest of the day pottering around in the garden, my parents popped in for a wee visit too. Then tonight we had a Chinese takeway for dinner and once im off this computer, i plan on ignoring the massive pile of ironing that's waiting for me and opening a bottle of red. A great way to kick start being 32!