Saturday, 2 March 2013


There goes February without a single blog post. My days/weeks have been flying by recently.

February was a good month and most notably i got to go away for a whole weekend with my best friends to a wee village in the Cotswolds. We try to do this every year and i love that things never change between the 9 of us. 

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. I can truely say that this was one of my most favourite birthdays ever. Here's how my day went:

- Cup of tea in bed
- Husband made pancakes for breakfast (without being asked!!)
- A 5K run in beautiful sunshine along the coast
- A long shower to get ready for my afternoon at a gorgeous country club (by myself, myself-yes!)
- 2 course lunch at said country club
- Chill out with my book and magazine on some plush sofas to let my lunch go down
- Nice relaxing swim in the pool
- Jacuzzi
- Steam Room
- Express Facial
- Back, shoulder and neck massage
- Pot of tea next to log fire
- Home just in time to put boys to bed
- Cocktails and DVD with hubby

I loved it. I loved the ME time. Im never on my own. I never get to just be. It was bliss just to be on my own, not have to talk to anyone and totally relax. I love my hubby for this gift! It was the best birthday and exactly what i needed.

Today has been a lovely day too. I went out for an 11 mile bike ride this morning then the 4 of us spent the rest of the day pottering around in the garden, my parents popped in for a wee visit too. Then tonight we had a Chinese takeway for dinner and once im off this computer, i plan on ignoring the massive pile of ironing that's waiting for me and opening a bottle of red. A great way to kick start being 32!


Christine S said...

Sounds like a fantastic birthday, Cheryl! Happy belated and best wishes for the year ahead!

Erna said...

Happy Belated Birthday, sounds like a great one to me...Love the way you spent your day...
Erna x

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Cheryl! It sounds like it was pure heaven! Your hubby deserves a medal for that gift!