Sunday, 27 April 2008

More of the Rose

I clear my unread blogs in my google reader, go away for 2 days and its back up at 215 unread posts! I can't keep up with you all!

I only had one free night at home this week but somehow i have managed to work away on my EMS Rose Sampler in what little free time i've had. I really enjoy this, especially not having to change colour.

Hazel, to answer your question, the shading is as charted DMC 318 and 415. The red is DMC 115.

Im just back from an overnight at camp. We took about 30 girls away. This was a reunion weekend for the kids camp we have in the summer. It was fun and for the most part, dry. Im pretty tired today so intend on taking it easy today. Well, saying that, i must get some running in at some point, haven't been out much this week and the 10k is looming. My mum and dad are off to Spain today for a week, im very jealous!!

A question for you stitchers....When you stitch a bookmark, what do you do with the back? Is it just on show or is it covered over with fabric?? Im plan on making one soon but im not sure what to do.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Monday, 21 April 2008

Stitching to show

Life has been busy. Ive been down in London, been busy with work, running a lot in preparation for the 10K, running youth club etc etc Oh and my good friend Sherri had a 10lb10 baby boy!!! Congratulations Sher if you read this, not sure if you read my blog or not! He is adorable!

I love the lighter nights now too. It's not getting dark here until about 9pm at the moment. It's great for getting more stuff done! Not much free time to blog or read blogs but im getting there!

I have been stitching as and when time allows. I finished my first square for the Quilts for breast cancer group This is a design that was in the Gift of Stitching online magazine in September 2007.
and i also finished page 1 of the EMS rose sampler
This is such a pretty piece. I really enjoy working on it!

Thanks so much to those that contacted me about sponsoring me in the 10K. I really appreciate your support. Both of the charities im running for are cying out for donations - The Haven having recently lost local council funding and Footsteps because of all the unrest in Kenya at the moment. You can visit my website

Tonight i am in a charity fashion show to raise money for The Haven! Got 6 outfit changes which is always a bit stressful! Should be fun though.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Running the 10K

Believe it or not, i am running the Women's 10K in Glasgow on the 18th May and would appreciate your support!

I have chosen to run for two charities - Footsteps International and The Haven Kilmacolm. Both of these charities have been set up and run by friends and so mean a lot!

I am currently trying to raise sponsorship money for these charities. You can chose to sponsor me via my website and your money will go to Footsteps International. There are 1 million AIDS orphans in Kenya and 50,000 children live on the street. Thousands of children are orphaned each year as a result of accidents and during childbirth, and many more were orphaned during the war In Sierra Leone. Footsteps is providing long-term support to some of these desperately needy children.

If you chose to sponsor me offline (cheque/cash etc), your money will go to The Haven, Kilmacolm. The Haven Kilmacolm is working in my local community providing significant support and accommodation to young men aged 17-35 involved in alcohol and drug misuse in order that they may become free from their addiction. The Haven Kilmacolm is a Christian organisation and has chosen to work with people variously labelled as vulnerable, disadvantaged, excluded and marginalised in order to give them the opportunity to have a very different future.

Thanks in advance for sponsoring me! No worries if you'd rather not! Please email me if you have any questions. Cheryl xxx

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Spring exchange

I received word that Anna received the Spring exchange i made for her. We were doing a Prairie Schooler exchange and i stitched this one. Hope you feel better soon Anna!I won these on Staci's blog the other day and they arrived yesterday! Lots of tins! Im going to use many of these for finishing! Ive never made/received a tin finish before but no excuse now. Any good tutorials out there? Ive never found Altoids to buy over here, so was surprised to see on the front of the tin "made in Great Britain." Very bizarre. I remember reading on Hazel's blog that someone found them in Morrisons once.

Anyway, thank-you so much Staci! Staci won my blogiversary competition back in January so i did laugh when i found out i'd won her giveaway.
Here is my new start! The EMS Rose Sampler which i fell in love with as soon as i saw it! This is a freebie design with a new part released each month. I discovered it late so i am a bit behind! I am using DMC 115 as my main colour.
Well according to my stitching bloggers yahoo group, yesterday was the little known "holiday" of "No Housework Day" and so we were to answer this question on our blogs: What is your least favorite household chore? The only household chore i enjoy is laundry. I love it, very satisfying! Every other chore i hate but my most hated chore by far is cleaning the bathroom. No sooner is it cleaned when you feel it needs cleaned again. Although isnt that the same in every room?! LOL

Off now to tidy the lounge before i start work for the day. Im working from home today which i love!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Back from Bath

I havent posted in a few days as we were away down south in Bath for my friends wedding. The wedding was on Friday and the weather was lovely for it. It was a very traditional English wedding in a beautiful old church with the reception in an old converted barn. The bride arrived in a horse and carriage.

We were staying with DH's aunt and uncle. On Saturday we spent the day in Bath. I have never visited Bath before and i must say, i love it! It is a very beautiful place and i really want to go back another time as we didnt have time to do everything we wanted to.

We spent time at The Roman Baths. The water is hot spa water. The place dates back to about 4AD
We also wondered round the shops and other parts. I love these buildings. So grand! Ive recently read Jane Austen's Persuasion which is set partly in Bath and you can totally imagine being back in those times when you visit these areas.
We had a great time but were up at 5.30am this morning for our flight home so we are pretty tired today! I hope to post again later in the week with some stitchy pictures. I started the EMS Rose Sampler i blogged about last time and my PS exchange for Anna should arrive any day now!