Friday, 18 April 2008

Running the 10K

Believe it or not, i am running the Women's 10K in Glasgow on the 18th May and would appreciate your support!

I have chosen to run for two charities - Footsteps International and The Haven Kilmacolm. Both of these charities have been set up and run by friends and so mean a lot!

I am currently trying to raise sponsorship money for these charities. You can chose to sponsor me via my website and your money will go to Footsteps International. There are 1 million AIDS orphans in Kenya and 50,000 children live on the street. Thousands of children are orphaned each year as a result of accidents and during childbirth, and many more were orphaned during the war In Sierra Leone. Footsteps is providing long-term support to some of these desperately needy children.

If you chose to sponsor me offline (cheque/cash etc), your money will go to The Haven, Kilmacolm. The Haven Kilmacolm is working in my local community providing significant support and accommodation to young men aged 17-35 involved in alcohol and drug misuse in order that they may become free from their addiction. The Haven Kilmacolm is a Christian organisation and has chosen to work with people variously labelled as vulnerable, disadvantaged, excluded and marginalised in order to give them the opportunity to have a very different future.

Thanks in advance for sponsoring me! No worries if you'd rather not! Please email me if you have any questions. Cheryl xxx


Ruth said...

You go, Cheryl! Good luck on your fund raising and on your 10k.

Barbara said...

I'd like to sponser you offline (as my Paypal account is rather ... shaky, LOL) and because my brother has battled addiction since his early teens. Do you have my email to contact me?

Good luck!!