Friday, 27 March 2009

A healthier week

It's Friday night, should i tempt fate and say so far, so sick mum, no sick baby....will we have a weekend without having to call NHS24 and see the emergency doctor? Watch this space!

Cant thank people enough for the comments on my previous post. Ive read the comments through a few times during the week. I found them so supportive and encouraging and reassuring. You are a great bunch of folk and i appreciate everyone who leaves a comment here.

I feel like i never get the chance to stitch anymore. As soon as Caleb is asleep i get the chores done, sort myself out and normally just as i pull some stitching out he's awake and ready for action! However, looking back at the last few posts i have made progress on Caleb's sampler so i must be getting some time! For those that asked, this is by The Historical Sampler Company.

We've had a much better week this week. He's generally going to sleep at midnight, waking at 4.30/5am for a feed/change and then back to sleep for another few hours. This i can totally handle. Getting sleep makes the world of difference! Of course having the inlaws over from Canada has been a good rest for me too!

Here's to a healthy weekend in our household....cross your fingers for us :-)

Monday, 23 March 2009

Even more sickness

Well since my last post...when i was wishing for a better weekend...things continued on the illness front. Last weekend, not long after i'd blogged about hoping it would be a better one, Caleb and I were at the out of hours doctor at midnight. After his virus and cold, he then got thrush in his mouth which then transfered to me. Breastfeeding with thrush is possibly as sore as having contractions. No exaggeration. So i persevered until about Wednesday when, and this is probably just too much information for some, my nipples were bleeding. Feeding was just unbearable and i had to stop and just express. Caleb was so upset and couldnt understand the change at all. It was distressing and i was so upset. Just when i thought things couldnt get any worse, i was then at the out of hours doctor again on saturday with an infection in my breast. By this point i was physically and emotionally drained. Today, i am so much better, ive dealt with the hard decision not to breastfeed and both of us are a lot happier (although we have just been to the docs and Caleb still has thrush). I just want to be healthy again so i can enjoy my wee boy. There is so much pressure on new mums i tell you.

My inlaws arrive from Canada on Wednesday and i am so looking forward to their visit. They'll be a great help. My DH cannot believe i am actually looking forward to their visit, i normally dread the inlaws LOL

Here's to a better week!

Friday, 13 March 2009


What a week. When i blogged last week about having the best day yet it turned out it was only the best sleepy day yet because my poor baby was getting sick. The calm before the storm. By saturday evening he was so upset, wouldnt feed and had a rash all round his mouth and bum. Which then started to spread. Oh and he wouldnt sleep. It was so distressing to see him like that. So we called NHS24 and they sent a doctor out at 1am who said it was a virus and there was nothing we could give him, we just had to wait it out. What a terrible weekend it was. I felt bad for Matthew who, after working all week, was looking forward to hanging out with his son at the weekend. Its hard seeing your baby ill and not being able to do anything.

The annoying thing is that he probably picked the virus up at the first bloomin mum and baby thing we ventured out to. Isnt that typical? I heard that one mum had turned up at the group with her kid just to get a rash looked at by the health visitor (not the purpose of the group i must point out). Now, seriously, if your kid has a nasty rash, would you really be so selfish as to take her to a group where you knew there would be lots of little babies? Go to the doctors surgery! Get your health visitor to visit! Phone NHS24! I know getting sick etc etc is par for the course but he just seems too young at the moment! Thankfully he is better, the rash went fairly quickly, but he still has a cold. Poor wee thing. Here he is anyway, at nearly 8weeks old and over 10lb2oz in weight. He sure is a tall boy
Some progress made on his birth sampler as well
Here's hoping this weekend is more enjoyable for all 3 of us :-)

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Best day/Bad night

Today has been the best day ever and we've not even left the house yet!! By ever i mean since Caleb was born. He's been an angel...he's slept slept great, waking up for a feed and change and back to sleep again. He's even been content just playing on his mat when he has been awake. It makes a really nice change! I got so much done - i was able to sort out all his clothes, tidy and clean and even stitch for a whole hour! An hour!! That hasnt happened in a loooong time. I enjoyed the me time so much......................We're going to my mum and dads soon for a Chinese takeway as DH is out with work tonight.

I wrote that yesterday (Friday) but didnt get time to finish it. I spoke too soon. The best day ever turned into a bad night which is, quite frankly, typical. He didnt sleep til 2am and woke up 4am and then was really fussy the rest of the morning. He's asleep now. My days are his nights aaaahh

So, i will take this opportunity now to show some stitchy pictures. I havent shown a picture of Caleb's birth sampler since this post in November. Here's how it looks at the moment

There's not too much more to do, so this might actually be my first ever big (ish) finish to be framed. I have no big framed pieces in my home at all!! I have loads of big unfinished pieces in a box though LOL...speaking of which here's the latest Feather Fairy update (all the stitching was done prior to baby's arrival). I was working on this as part of the Stitch a Mirabilia Blog and will get back to the SAL at some point in time

So glad it's the weekend! DH being home makes a big difference...the extra pair of hands is a relief :-) Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, 2 March 2009


Yesterday i turned 28 and my son hit the 6week mark!
Caleb stayed asleep long enough to let mummy enjoy her birthday lunch at Grannys with the rest of the family! I got a beautiful white gold locket which im going to put a picture of Caleb in, the new Killers CD, money, perfume, an ornament and lots of lovely cards!