Friday, 28 September 2012

Getting organised

The school year has just begun and im thinking about the end already. I bought this chart to stitch for Caleb's teacher. Knowing how long it takes me to stitch anything i thought i'd just get organised and start now in the hope that it'll be stitched and finished into something by the end of June :) I can do that, right?!

I haven't posted in a few weeks mainly because we were without internet at home for over a week. I sure realised how much i rely on it; for food shopping, paying bills, contacting friends....i was lost without it!

Lets see, what have we been doing...

I ran another 10K race and got a new PB! 60minutes 7 seconds. Im documenting it here so i dont forget. I have no more races planned until May now.

We took a long weekend break to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary back at the beginning of the month. We travelled just an hour over the water to Drimsynie and had a nice wee time together. The views were beautiful and it was nice to break the cycle of the norm! 4 days was enough though, we started to feel a bit cooped up in the caravan with 2 small kids.

I completed my Jogscotland Jogleaders training and i am now qualified. I have started up my own business called Just Jog and am starting my first running group on Monday. Lets hope some people turn up! See my previous post for the link to the facebook page, go like it :)

I have some work on the horizon which i am super excited about; some sessional work with a charity that encourages active/healthy lifestyles through jogging. Totally perfect for me! Ive had a year off now and im ready to do something else. 1 or 2 days a week would be good.

Caleb is enjoying his new nursery and ive made a great new group of mummy friends there. We've got lots of social things planned in the next few months as a group; dinosaur digs at the science centre, a disco/party night for us mums, a party with Santa at the famous toy store Hamleys for mums and kids. Its gonna be great.

Its my baby boys 1st Birthday 2 weeks today!! Where has that year gone? I am having a 1st Birthday party lunch for him and other wee baby friends so i need to start thinking about that.

So thats about it. Apologies for this rather bitty post, ive written it over the course of about a week, adding a few lines here and there. Have a good weekend :-)

Monday, 24 September 2012

My New Venture

I will be back with a proper blog post soon but please take a look and like my new venture!

Just Jog

I am now a qualified Jogscotland Jogleader and will be leading beginner walk-run jogging groups in the West of Scotland!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Start with courage, Finish with Pride

Im in that crowd somewhere! On Sunday i ran the Great Scottish Run 10K In Glasgow and achieved a PB! 10K (6.2miles) in 1 hour 1minute and 59 seconds. Im very proud of myself! 

Im pretty sure i would've broken the hour had i not been stuck in this crowd heading up St Vincents Street in Glasgow City Centre. I just couldnt get going and i think that cost me a few minutes!

Here i am at the finish! Number 5936, hands on hips, blue tshirt. Ignore the clock, the start is staggered so we dont all start at 0. 8000 people starting all at once would be slightly chaotic! There was a chip on the back of my number which gave me my actual my time. 

My dad took me up to the city centre, waved me off and waited for me at the end. I loved the morning and the slogan of the race was very apt; Start with courage, Finish with Pride.