Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beautiful days....

So, who watched the Royal Wedding? I have to say, i loved it. What a beautiful couple. What a fab day to be British. I know a lot of anti-monarchists but as a History graduate - i love the monarchy. The century-old traditions, the pomp and circumstance. My highlights were seeing the dress, the balcony scene, the view of all the people down The Mall (i love London) and then when they drove to Clarence House together in the Aston Martin, what a lovely modern twist!

I celebrated by having some friends round for a Royal Wedding tea party. There were also 4 toddlers and a newborn baby so we didn't get much peace to watch, but it was good fun. I even got the Denby teaseat out which i havent used since i got it as a wedding gift over 7 years ago lol I watched the ceremony again at night in peace and quiet when it was just me and a cup of tea!

So, what else has been happening?? We had a lovely Easter weekend last week. We finally bought a bike trailer for Caleb and got to use it last weekend. He loved it. We're hoping to go out again today seeing as another sunny weekend is forecast (yeah!)
On Easter Sunday we had a bbq after church, then we made our hard boiled eggs, decorated them in 30seconds and had good fun rolling them down the hill to see who's would smash up first. Im not sure who/if anyone else does this?? We always did it as kids. I (think) it's to symbolise the rolling away of the tomb? Anyway, the dog got mine lol
Thank-you for all the congrats on my pregnancy. I have good days and bad days. I havent stitched at all, it makes me feel really nauseous but i remember that from last time and it did pass. I havent been sick yet today so maybe things are turning is only 8.20am though lol

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend (boy do i appreciate these now im working fulltime)!!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Baby number 2

My excuse for being such a bad stitcher/blogger/emailer/sal partner!! Baby number 2 due 25th October!

So this, on top of working full-time has just about annihilated any life i had for the time being! Im 13 weeks now so hopefully energy levels will pick and nausea and morning sickness will go soon....ppllleeaassee!

Look at that wee arm up in the air! I love how he/she gave us a little wave whilst we were having the scan. Amazing.

So, its Easter weekend which means time off work!!! Yeah! Then next weekend is the Royal wedding so more time off work. It is the best feeling. Some quality time with Caleb is definitely in order. Happy Easter all! We sure are celebrating the joy of new life here in the Thomas household :-)