Friday, 21 August 2009

This week in short

This week...

Caleb turned 7months - woohoo!

I got my hair cut short - woohoo!

DH had the week off work -woohoo!

The inlaws have been here from Canada and leave in the morning - woohoo! (Which bit am i cheering at? I shall not comment LOL )

We had a great day out yesterday at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and then the Transport museum - woohoo!

Ive got my sisters dog to look after all weekend -boooo!

All my family are away at my cousins wedding in Ireland this weekend and we're not. Gutted! DH couldnt get time off-booooo

But....we're getting Chinese food for dinner courtesy of the inlaws - woohoo!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Missing bloggers

Im trying to eat healthier. I had blueberries and natural youghurt for breakfast. That's 2 days in a row. I have a lot more fruit and veg in the house now Caleb is eating and its inspiring me to eat better. There'll will be exceptions, many, but generally i will eat healthier. Or eat more fruit and veg at the least. DH wants to lose an inch (or two) off his waist so there's another incentive.

On a completely different subject, isnt it weird when bloggers go missing? There's a few blogs i've been following for years, get to know them (kinda), get to know their lives, follow their ups and downs and then suddenly there are no more posts...and havent been for months/years. I so often wonder whats happened. You follow someones life on their blog (well those are the blogs i most like; life with crafts thrown in too) so when they go missing it's bizarre. You hope nothing awful has happened, that they just got bored with blogging, but you have to wonder eh? I know from personal experience that when life is tough the last thing ever on your mind is your blog but anyway, i still wonder......

Speaking of you have blogs that you just love to read? The ones you go to straight away when you see a new post? I do. One of my favourites is Balancing Everything I love that blog. The woman is amazing! I love the pacifier clips she sews but im always too darn slow in keeping up with blogs that i miss it when they're on sale. You cant comment on her blog which i think is pretty can get too caught up in blogging for comments. I used to be a bit like that, not any more, my blog is pretty much for me. I do love getting comments though! Another of my favourites is Scotland for the Senses, makes me feel proud of where i come from and inspires me to visit more places in my country.

Before i go here's my Mary Wigham update, its the only thing ive been stitching on recently. Wanna take bets on how long it'll be before i get bored of it ? LOL At the moment im enjoying it

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Made with love by Gran

My mum made this quilt for Caleb. Isnt it lovely? I want to get into quilting, even took some classes a while back, but it just doesnt appeal to me as much as stitching
I love the label on the back.
A quieter week this week. Caleb has really bad skin at the moment after a bad reaction to cream prescribed for his infected cradle cap. His face and head look terrible. Im sad for him but glad it doesnt seem to bother him. We see a dermatologist on Monday. Poor baby. Always something for Mummy to worry about!

In other news, DH's grandpa passed away this week. Although we're sad, it was expected, he lived in a nursing home in Bath with his wife. Its strange because for years it was DH's Granny that we thought would go first, shes so frail, has severe dementia and is really just existing, if you know what i mean. Gramps was always fine, physically and mentally. He just declined really quickly this month and ended up dying first. He was a man with a strong faith and will be in a better place now that's for sure. So DH's folks fly over from Canada on Monday for the funeral on Wednesday which DH will fly down south for too. Then the inlaws are coming up for a weeks visit after that.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


I dont really have much to blog about! Just been busy spending the days with Caleb, meeting friends and i was at camp for a week. Ive been putting stitches into Mary Wigham when i get the opportunity last thing at night, here's how its looking.

A main water pipe burst in the village yesterday so we were without water for the day. Its back on now but the road has collapsed so to even get to my mums house (5mins away) i would have to take a 45minute detour. The only road going out of the village in that direction is one way and apparently the police are sittting waiting for cars using it and issuing fines. Disgraceful! Its the only road out and they should be putting up traffic lights so it can be temporarily used as a 2 way road so that people dont have to take massive detours.