Monday, 23 December 2013

A spotty Christmas

This is how i'll remember December 2013. The little one now has horrendous chickenpox. 2weeks 3days after his brother got them. Grrrreeat. 

Have a Happy Christmas! Ours will be a spotty one.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

December Blogging Advent Month

DeBloAdMo - Something my friend Lori came up with a few years ago. Basically i have a wooden advent calendar and in every day i have a little slip of paper with the Christmas activity im going to do with the kids that day, which im then supposed to blog about. Ive been very good at the activity, ive been no good at the blogging. 

Here's a run through of our DeBloAdMo activities to date:

Day 1
We ran the 1K Jingle Bell fun run my work organises every year. The competitive half of the family (mummy and Caleb) made it round the whole 1K and Caleb was so pleased to get his medal! The non-competitive half (daddy and Aaron) failed to make it past the swing park (not even half way) not sure if this was daddy or Aarons decision though...mmm

Day 2
We went to the Christmas carnival at the garden centre. The boys loved the rides, mummy loved the warm freshly made cinnamon and sugar donuts

Day 3
I did their messages from Santa on the portable north pole tv website. They loved them! 

Day 4
We made paperchains! Caleb made his all by himself this year, he's growing up!

Day 5
We made salt dough ornaments, which Aaron enjoyed but Caleb had no energy for having come down with chickenpox on day 3!!!! (I proceeded to burn them in the oven but hey ho, he enjoyed cutting out the dough)

Day 6
The boys got Usborne Christmas sticker books

Day 7
We got the decorations up!

Day 8
We made paper snowflakes for the windows

Day 9
We had a Christmas treasure hunt for chocolate coins, in the garden.

Day 10

I made the Elf Yourself family video see it here

Plans were scuppered a bit by Caleb coming down with chickenpox on day 3! It meant we couldn't go to the Christmas light switch on at the school on day 6 and we couldn't go to Laineys 30th Birthday lunch on day 8 (well i did, the rest stayed at home), so i had to sub in some activities on those days.