Monday, 23 December 2013

A spotty Christmas

This is how i'll remember December 2013. The little one now has horrendous chickenpox. 2weeks 3days after his brother got them. Grrrreeat. 

Have a Happy Christmas! Ours will be a spotty one.


Anonymous said...

I remember a Christmas with 'the pox' when my sons were small. It ended up being one of our best Christmas holidays ever! We had to say 'No' to many parties, pageants, etc. BUT we stayed home and had a simpler cozier holiday.
Blessings, Edie

Karoline said...

Oh no, we had the pox through earlier this year, it's no fun. Hope everyone is starting to feel better now.

barbara said...

Here's hoping everyone's feeling much better!!

Anonymous said...

Years ago, my two oldest got chicken pox for Christmas. They both broke out on Christmas night. I hope everyone is feeling better.

Peace, Alicia

Hazel said...

Hope all has settled now lovely. Missing all my stitching buddies. X

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