Saturday, 30 July 2011

Free to a good home....

Im still here! Its been a crazy few months. Nothing wrong, just working full-time, having an exhausting pregnancy, just generally trying to keep on top of life. Oh and on top of all that, buying a house, trying to rent out our flat and an upcoming move within the next month. Did i mention im also due a baby in 12 weeks?? You can see why blogging has sadly been pushed aside!

It was funny when i logged into my google reader there. I assumed i'd have 1000s of unread posts but there's not been so many in my absence. Looks like quite a few of my blogging friends have been taking a break from blogging recently.

With the upcoming move ive been having a clearout; ebaying like crazy and lots of bags of "stuff" to charity. Im just wondering if anyone (in the UK) would like this kit? Everything included...threads, aida, chart etc It has been started and i don't know what the stitching looks like because it was back in my early stitching days (and i cant be bothered to open up the kit to have a look), but i know i will never stitch it. Its a shame for it to go to waste. Its going free to a good home anyway! Just leave me a message if you're interested.