Sunday, 29 July 2007

West of Scotland Weekends and a Finish

It was a beautiful weekend. Not warm but certainly nice and sunny. Much better than the weather down south where they have been getting terrible flooding.

We were down at my folks house for a bbq on saturday. Here's some West of Scotland weekend photos. The first on the way there, the second on the way backThanks for all the get well wishes. I am feeling a bit better now but still not 100%. Im throwing back the vitamins, echinacea, beechams cold powders and venos cough medicine!

I have a finish to show. This is for my friend who had a baby girl. It's a Lizzie Kate design from the "make it personal" series.
I am going to frame it and will post another picture when i do. In other stitching news i have been busy stitching my fair and square piece for Peg. I wanted to get going on this quickly because by the 12th August Donna's RR should be here and that'll probably take up a lot of stitching time.
Has everyone seen the Cross Stitcher's Lottery blog? Check it out here
Anyway, i can't believe another weekend is over. Mondays arrive far too quickly :(

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Pinkeep PIF

Im sick. I have a terrible cold and i can't stop sneezing and coughing. Who gets a cold in July?! Me obviously. I have managed to work all week but this morning i called it quits and phoned in sick. I hate taking sick days but ive been getting worse, not better, so it's time to relax i think. I have never felt like this after camp before, must be getting old LOL

I heard from Michele that she received the PIF gift i sent her. Im glad you like it Michele. I made her a pinkeep.
The chart was a freebie called "The Three Emblems" by Papillon Creations. I really like this chart and hope to stitch it again sometime. The backing fabric is just a red material so i didn't take a photo!

I received the name of my next partner for the Fair and Square exchange. I will be stitching for Peg. Peg, i'm looking forward to it! I think i will start looking today for something to stitch for her.
Im off now to lie on the couch and take it easy all day. I intend to stay in my pyjamas all day. Last time i did that the window cleaner arrived and seen me through the window! Very embarassing. Maybe i'll keep the curtains shut LOL

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Home from camp

Im back from my week at camp and i am absolutely shattered. It was a good week but hard work and the kids were challenging. My cabin were hard going, i had the 9 year olds, most of whom came from pretty deprived backgrounds. I dealt with it all...bed wetting, head lice, bickering, fights, etc etc. It was not a relaxing holiday! The kids had a great time though, which is the most important thing and learnt more about God which is the aim of it all. I am back feeling exhausted though and have a sore throat and ear ache. Im totally resting today before going back to work tomorrow!

So i have no stitching updates for you but i do have a new blog title!! I had many great suggestions - thank you so much to everyone! I narrowed it down to 3: So many stitches, so little time (DH's favourite), Scots and Knots and Clydeside Stitching. I love Scots and Knots but i have decided to go with Clydeside Stitching because it is much more relevant to me...i overlook the river Clyde from my place and most of my West of Scotland weekend photos are of the river Clyde so i liked the idea of Clydeside stitching. Maybe i'll take a notion to change my title again in the future and will use one of the other suggestions! So Lesley, i know you're away on your hols at the moment but you are a WINNER! Thank-you for your suggestion and i will be making you a stitchy gift in the near (ish) future!

I came home yesterday to a beautiful gift in the mail from Donna! Donna, thank you soooo much. I absolutely love it. Not only did she stitch and make me a scissor fob, she also attached the loveliest pink scissors and included a snowman chart and some linen!

Donna you are so kind and i appreciate it very much! What a lovely friend you are.

So im off now to relax some more. I bought the new Harry Potter book yesterday on my way back from dropping my friend off at the airport, so i am looking forward to starting it! I also have a lot of your blogs to catch up on and lots of emails to reply to. Its so nice to be home, with a lovely bed.. and no 9 year olds to constantly watch over!!

Friday, 13 July 2007

Away for a week

Im off work now for a week and supposedly "on holiday" however, im off to kids camp, that our church runs, for a week. I must be mad LOL. I do it every summer and i do love it once im there but ive had so much preparation to do for it and it is hard work! It's worth it though.

Before i go i just want to say a BIG thank-you for all the blog name suggestions. I have narrowed it down to 3 and i can't decide what to choose! I'll keep the winner in suspense until i get back and by then i might have decided.

In stitching news i received my Fair and Square exchange from Louise.
Lovely eh? I can't decide what to do with all the squares i will receive. I like the idea of some kind of wall hanging or maybe a friendship book.
I also have a new start to show. The picture is a bit blurry.
This is Lizzie Kate's "gift from heaven" from the "make it personal" chart. It's for my friend who had a beautiful baby girl called Mya on Tuesday. I am so happy for her!
Have a good week everyone and i'll catch up with all your blogs when i get back.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Im looking for a new blog name. I haven't been able to come up with anything. Can you help? There's a stitching prize in it for you!

When i started this blog i wasnt sure what shape it was going to take. Originally it thought it'd just be for friends and family. I have a group of best friends that ive known for years. We all live in different parts of the country now but continue to meet often. These are the "bezzas" i.e. best friends. I get called bezza chezza sometimes so i called my blog that. However, my blog took on a stitching theme and i decided not to promote it to my friends because none are even remotely interested in stitching and i'll be even more ridiculed LOL. So...i want something related to me and stitching? Any ideas? I'll make a stitchy gift for the winning suggestion. You can post in comments or email me cherylthomas3000 at yahoo dot com.
Here's where im up to on Mirabilia's Feather Fairy. Im enjoying this piece.
I was off this morning so i babysat for my doggy nephew Barney. I haven't showed a picture of him in ages. He's 6mths old now and is the loveliest little dog.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Are you a slave to the stitch??

Ive seen this poster a couple of times at the train station but today it was in my magazine. It always makes me laugh! I thought all you stitching bloggers might appreciate it LOL Today my startitis kicked in again. I really wanted to start something new whilst watching the Wimbledon final. So i did. Here's what i decided to start and here's my start (not the most exciting picture but i just wanted my new start recorded!)My RR is sidelined for now. I figure once the RR gets going it'll be all i spend my time stitching on, so i want to do some other pieces in the meantime. I might finish my sqaure at the end, we'll see. Here's where im up to with it anyway
Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We were at our friends house for dinner last night and tonight im going to a house warming party!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Half way through the year

Here's my latest progress picture of LHN's Daisy Lane Cottage for my RR. I thought seeing as it's half way through the year i would recap on the stitching I have achieved so far this year. You can click on any of the pieces for a picture

Finished gifts
Noah's Ark by Bothy Threads for my newborn nephew
Nice weather for Ducks by DMC for my friends newborn
Casper the Cat by Anchor for Dawn's birthday
Life's a Stitch by Lizzie Kate, PIF gift for Jamie
Joined in Love by Lizzie Kate for my cousins wedding
Joined in Love by Lizzie Kate for my friends wedding
Life's a Stitch by Lizzie Kate for Fair and Square Exchange

Finished stitching but needs finishing
Sanman freebie Christmas Ornament
The Three Emblems by Papillon Creations for a PIF gift
Hearts Desire by Debbie Draper Designs

Dollhouse by Brightneedle
Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles
Heartfelt friends RR
Coffee Menu by LHN

It will be interesting to see what i've done in another 6months time!
I just realised that since we returned from Canada, i haven't posted a picture of my gorgeous little nephew. Here's a picture of him wearing a bib i got him at Glasgow airport. Cute eh?

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Crazy Weekend

It's been a crazy weekend here in Scotland. As you will be aware, Glasgow was targeted by 2 crazy terrorist bombers on saturday. My dad came through the airport at lunchtime that day, those idiots drove their bomb ridden car towards the terminal at 3pm. I will never understand why these people are so determined to kill so many innocent people. It was the start of the school holidays up here so it could have been disastrous. Fortunately there were no casualties on saturday, apart from the two bombers, but you can't help but wonder how long it's going to be before it happens again. We would never have expected Scotland to become a target and especially so close to home. The media are alleging it could be because our new prime minister is Scottish but who knows. It's a crazy world, crazy and scary.

On a much lighter note, i've finished gridding the basic outline of my RR and started stitching my square which is LHN's Daisy Lane Cottage.

Ive had very few weekends here at home recently so haven't posted any West of Scotland Weekend pictures for ages. Here's the view of the river Clyde out of our front window the other night