Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Im looking for a new blog name. I haven't been able to come up with anything. Can you help? There's a stitching prize in it for you!

When i started this blog i wasnt sure what shape it was going to take. Originally it thought it'd just be for friends and family. I have a group of best friends that ive known for years. We all live in different parts of the country now but continue to meet often. These are the "bezzas" i.e. best friends. I get called bezza chezza sometimes so i called my blog that. However, my blog took on a stitching theme and i decided not to promote it to my friends because none are even remotely interested in stitching and i'll be even more ridiculed LOL. So...i want something related to me and stitching? Any ideas? I'll make a stitchy gift for the winning suggestion. You can post in comments or email me cherylthomas3000 at yahoo dot com.
Here's where im up to on Mirabilia's Feather Fairy. Im enjoying this piece.
I was off this morning so i babysat for my doggy nephew Barney. I haven't showed a picture of him in ages. He's 6mths old now and is the loveliest little dog.


Anonymous said...

I don't want to win a prize, however, I love word games so here are some ideas taken from the little bit I know about you from your blog:
Scots & Knots,
House of Stitches,
Stitching in the UK,
Cheryl's World,
Cheryl's X's and the Canadian,
X's and Oh's,
Magical stitches,
mystical stitches,
Cheryl's stitches,
My favorite fairies and other stitches,
Kingdom of stitches,
kingdom of fairies,
Friends, family, and fairies,
Forever fairies,
Forever stitching,
Stitching Bliss,

Hope this helps.

anna said...

Cheryl's Scotty Stitches? On life under books and stash? Stashed under ramblings? :) :) ;-)

stitcherw said...

Your fairy is looking lovely, nice progress. Also, Barney is adorable, what a cute little face. As to blog names, can't help there as I really have no imagination. However, looks like you are starting off getting some good suggestions already. :)

sugardoll said...

The dog is such a cutie..aww He reminds me of my yorky in the Phils. his name is Midnight. Thanks doggy, for making me sad. LOL jk!

Hmm, lets see about your new blog name, how about..

Stitches & spice & everything nice.
Stitching scottish eyes
The needle adventures of bezza chezza

Ack! my brain is burning! LOL joke!
Good luck!!

Bev said...

well I am absolutely rubbish at thinking up names it took me ages to think of mine, and i only came up with that because of my phoenix tattoo. not very original i know lol

it would have took me months to think of the ones that teejay did lol

The Silver Thistle said...

I'm a bit 'pants' with the names thing too, lol.

I picked mine because there was a silver thisle pin next to me.......could have been worse, I suppose, hahaha


Chez stitch
Canny stitching
Bonny stitches
Tartan X's
Sky blue pink with a tartan border
Cheryl's playground
Celtic Frog
2 over 2
Scottish Linen
Chery's rainbow
Rainbow stitching
Painting with silks
My stitching Nook
So many stitches, so little time

I've got lots more but I'll spare you, lol.

BTW - I'm toying with the idea of joining the f&s exhange, thanks for mentioning it. I was looking last night for patterns and think I might have a few to choose from :)

It's a bit scary though, I'd probably get someone with really strict likes/dislikes and then get in a tizzy with what to do that they'd like, lol

Thinking about it though......

Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, how creative everyone is. I read your blog and couldn't think of anything and then I looked at the comments others left and you have so many to pick from. I have to say Scots & Knots really caught my eye from teejay, that really fits you. Love Feather Fairy too by the way ;)

tintocktap said...

I picked my blog name coz it's a bit obscure but it says something about me and where I'm from. Anywhere up your way you could use like that? Or a few other suggestions -

Scots Stitcher
West of Scotland WIPs
Clydeside stitching

For me, it's a personal thing - it has to mean something to me, but then, I'm maybe taking it too seriously! lol

A bit of luck and I might finish gridding my RR tonight! yippee!

Jenn said...

my entry for you is Stitching in Scotland. or a Stitching bezza chezza in Scotland (cause you are a bezza chezza to all of us *grin*). Everyone has come up with some great names. I can't wait to see what you pick!

Jenn said...

or how about stiching and stach in scotland. :) They just keep coming to me.

Maribel said...

I´ve got another idea!
I like "bafflegab stitcher" (because of your accent)!

Holley said...


How about Slave to the Stitch?

Hazel said...

How about Tartan Needles or Chezza's Stitchin' Secret?? Sorry I am not very imaginitive lol. xx

Lynn said...

The Canny Stitchings of a Scottish Book Worm?

I'm no good at this either lol I just love your doggie 'nephew' he's so cute :)

Ranae said...

Wow! Everyone has already wrote the blog names I was thinking! Hehe Just joking! I like the one you have now. Good Luck, I have been thinking of changing mine too.

Lynn said...

Sorry, I don't know you well enough to come up with a name that suits you but I vote for Scots & Knots. I just like the ring of it! My second choice is Bonny Stitches.
If I think of anything I'll email you. I know it took me a long time to decide on mine It's based on my maiden name. Your doggie nephew is adorable!

DaisyGirl said...

Cheryl, That dog is so cute! Hmmm, about a new blog name:
Scottish Lassie Stitching!
I also like what teejay put, Scots and Knots.
Good luck! I'm putting something in the mail to you on Friday.

Paula said...

Hi Cheryl, how about Cheryls Corner....

Ohh Middy will definitely be framed, I've just washed and ironed her so will get in touch with the chap I know who's friend owns a framers and give it to him. So probably in the next couple of weeks. And I'll give him Three for Tea and Warm Winter WIshes too.

I love your Mirabilia Fairy, can't wait to keep seeing your progress on it. I plan to start the Christmas Elf fairy as soon as my fabbie and threads arrive... Love them all.....
OOHH I WANT BARNEY....he's adorable.
Happy stitching....

Paula said...

OR Chery's Celtic Corner....
Chery's cross stitch corner.....

monique said...

Hmmm... I instantly thought of "The Scottish Stitcher" but I'm not sure how clever that is LOL

Juls said...

That puppy is adoreable! I've been giving your new name some thought....how about The Stitching Scot or Bezza Chezza Stitches. I know not very original, I'm better at stitching though....LOL

Rowyn said...

How about 'Highland Floss'?

Good luck, whatever you decide. It's not easy.

Stitchingnow said...

How about Stitching with a Bezza

Wendy said...

I like the Bezza Chezza in your title, how about just adding something with stitching into it? Stitching with Bezza Chezza?

I really like unique names for blogs, that I can easily identify with that person.

Barney is too cute! We had a doggy just like him when I was younger, same name too.

Carol said...

OMG! Can I please, please, please have Barney? Or at least one of his siblings? My heart just melted!!! Blog name? Barney's Auntie's Blog - LOL!!!

Karin said...

What a sweet little puppy! Your stitching is coming along well too.

Barbeeque4 said...

Barney is so cute!!! The FF is coming along very well. I am not good with names for blogs...look what I named mine :)

But I would vote for Scots & Knots.


Sharon said...

What about Scottish Stitching, Scottish Fairy or Scottish Needle Delights.

Carla said...

Sorry I can't help ypu with the name...I'm not very creative
Nice progress on Feather Fairy:)
Cute dog!!

Michelle said...

Congrats on your new start. Your RR is looking great. Lots of great new blog names to choose from! I honestly think you should keep the bezza chezza part in your blog name, because it's so fun. Maybe Bezza Chezza's Needle. Although I am really partial to Scots & Knots from Teejay!

Aussie Stitcher said...

I adore Barney, he is so cute. As for a blog name, Carol stole mine hehehe.


Dawn said...

I love the colors in Feather Fairy! The puppy is so cute:)

Tanya said...

Barney is adorable!!!

Tanya said...

What about A Scottish Girl's Stitching?

Meari said...

Barney is adorable!

rose_michelle said...

I know what you mean/ Mine was origonally a place for my military friends to stop by, but very few did but my stitching and Victorian/tea cup collecting friends were growing, so I updated mine about two weeks ago.

How about
Stiches of Life
Life in Stitches
Stash of friends, floss and fabric
A Stitch is Worth a Thousand Words

Annemarie said...

Well, it's got to be 'Scots & Knots', Teejay's first suggestion. I'm a sucker for rhyme and alliteration :o)
Love your doggy nephew. I just want to crawl through the computer screen and cuddle him.
Feather Fairy is a real beauty!

Michele said...

you have lots of wonderful new names to pick from .. I'm so very bad making up names, hence my blog name! lol I know you'll pick something wonderful .. but I do like bezza chezza being in the name somewhere .. I might like to steal Stitching Bliss .. goes well with my thumb ring that says follow your bliss .. hmmmm follow your stitching bliss? I kinda like that! lol

Your RR is wonderful .. I'm going to enjoy watching it grow :) and nice Fairy start :)

Lana said...

your puppy nephew looks like a mop!
He's cute tho!