Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Work sucks

Well.......i got the job. So i really should be thankful for that, yes? Im not. They refused my part-time request and i get the job only if i work full-time. Which i don't want to do, but i have to. If i don't i would effectively be resigning and would get no redundancy and wouldn't be able to get benefits in the immediate future. It makes me sick because i feel like they've tied my hands and i've been left with no choice. In this economic climate and the sector i work in, who is going to say no to a job?? I could be out of work for months/years. I love my job and im good at it, i just dont want to do it full-time.

BUT.....i really need to be grateful. A lot of people have been made redundant through this merger and will now really struggle to make ends meet. I did really well to be offered a position, it was a very competitive process. My boy loves his childcare. My part-time request will be looked at again in 3-6months. SO....this is a short-term situation and i need to accept that, deal with it and be thankful for what i have in life.

Monday, 28 March 2011

For my SAL partners

I've started 2 new pieces recently which i'm stitching alongside some stitching buddies. CCN's snowflake serenade with Kathy and CHS Alphabet Sampler with Suzanne. This is a picture for them to show that i am stitching along!
Kathy - i told you my progress has been slow. I will be stitching on it more today!
Suzanne - i made quite a good start this weekend. More than i thought i would manage anyway! Its fun to SAL with you ladies, i really need that kind of motivation!

CHS Alphabet Blocks is huge!! We are aiming for a block a month so that will make for a finish in May 2013 LOL I hope i keep up! I am stitching mine on one BIG piece of linen, because i have no imagination. Suzanne is making a book! So impressive!

No news on the job front. I felt my interview went well which is all i could hope for. Normally i am a disaster in interviews but this one was good (in my opinion). As i've previously written though, it may be the hours that'll be my downfall. Its a full-time job and i only want it part-time so that could lose me it. Then i will be made redundant. I will probably hear today......eeeeek!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Hello Spring

It was a beautiful sunny spring morning when we got up 4 hours ago but now it's looking a bit grey....aaah scotland ;-) I stitched this little pincushion for my Spring exchange partner over at the Friendly stitchers yahoo group. Its a Lizzie Kate freebie, there's just pink flowery fabric on the back, i didnt take a picture of that.

Havent blogged in a while, i nearly forgot my password to sign in here. Im fine, just shattered and got a lot on.....a looming redundancy etc etc Our charity is merging with 2 others and i think there's about 40 people for 18 jobs. Its crap. Plus they havent offered any part-time posts so im kinda screwed. I had to apply for a full-time one (because if you didnt apply it would be assumed you were resigning and then there would be no redundancy money) and i will request part-time hours at the interview. Its been a long screwed up process with some shocking things happening along the way. So my interview is on Wednesday but from the way things have been so far i get the feeling its all pre-decided anyway. Its all so unjust.

On a more positive note, i had such a great 30th birthday party! There were about 100 folk there and i loved many people made an effort to be there flying in from all over the UK and it meant a lot to me! I was very touched. Some friends from school came (i hadn't seen one of them since we were 18) so we had a lot of fun catching up and dancing the night away! So much fun! Here's me getting my cake alongside my wee family :-)
So thats about all. Ive started a SAL with Kathy but i've made such miserable process it's not even worth documenting it with a picture yet. Also about to start a SAL with Suzanne. Be back soon....

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

In my next decade

Well, as of yesterday, i am officially in my 30's! I had a lovely birthday. DH took the day off and we went to Edinburgh zoo. Caleb loved it, especially when the penguins came out their enclosure and took their walk right past him. Here is 30 year old me with my 2 year old. Happy times :-)
and here are Caleb's friends the penguins. He laughed so hard everytime they made their noise!
When we got home we got a yummy Indian takeaway and chilled out for the evening. Big party next on the 12th! Ive got over 100 people coming and i can't wait!! Hope everything goes to plan!