Monday, 28 March 2011

For my SAL partners

I've started 2 new pieces recently which i'm stitching alongside some stitching buddies. CCN's snowflake serenade with Kathy and CHS Alphabet Sampler with Suzanne. This is a picture for them to show that i am stitching along!
Kathy - i told you my progress has been slow. I will be stitching on it more today!
Suzanne - i made quite a good start this weekend. More than i thought i would manage anyway! Its fun to SAL with you ladies, i really need that kind of motivation!

CHS Alphabet Blocks is huge!! We are aiming for a block a month so that will make for a finish in May 2013 LOL I hope i keep up! I am stitching mine on one BIG piece of linen, because i have no imagination. Suzanne is making a book! So impressive!

No news on the job front. I felt my interview went well which is all i could hope for. Normally i am a disaster in interviews but this one was good (in my opinion). As i've previously written though, it may be the hours that'll be my downfall. Its a full-time job and i only want it part-time so that could lose me it. Then i will be made redundant. I will probably hear today......eeeeek!


Lynn said...

A good start to both SALs. The alphabet blocks is a huge piece but will be well worth the effort.
Good luck with the interview results. I'll be thinking of you.

Maggie O said...

Stitching looks great...what ambition!Good luck on the job front. Whatever happens it wil all work out.

Erna said...

Nice start on both SAL's and I'll keep my fingers crossed for the interview result.
Erna xx

Kathy A. said...

Don't worry girl - we are in no rush with our SAL - if we make it by Christmas of 2011 we'll both be happy.
I hope things work out for you on the job front

Siobhan said...

Nice start on the SALs! Good luck with the job search.

Anna van Schurman said...

Fingers crossed for your job.

Suzanne said...

Nice start on the SAL. I spent an hour stitching, only to find I started in the wrong spot. I spent another hour frogging it all out (over one is really hard to unpick). I am going to make a restart this weekend.

Good luck with the job hunting.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Isn't it fantastic to SAL with someone? I haven't done a SAL in years!

Aussie Stitcher said...

The SAL's are looking great, good luck with the job.