Monday, 21 March 2011

Hello Spring

It was a beautiful sunny spring morning when we got up 4 hours ago but now it's looking a bit grey....aaah scotland ;-) I stitched this little pincushion for my Spring exchange partner over at the Friendly stitchers yahoo group. Its a Lizzie Kate freebie, there's just pink flowery fabric on the back, i didnt take a picture of that.

Havent blogged in a while, i nearly forgot my password to sign in here. Im fine, just shattered and got a lot on.....a looming redundancy etc etc Our charity is merging with 2 others and i think there's about 40 people for 18 jobs. Its crap. Plus they havent offered any part-time posts so im kinda screwed. I had to apply for a full-time one (because if you didnt apply it would be assumed you were resigning and then there would be no redundancy money) and i will request part-time hours at the interview. Its been a long screwed up process with some shocking things happening along the way. So my interview is on Wednesday but from the way things have been so far i get the feeling its all pre-decided anyway. Its all so unjust.

On a more positive note, i had such a great 30th birthday party! There were about 100 folk there and i loved many people made an effort to be there flying in from all over the UK and it meant a lot to me! I was very touched. Some friends from school came (i hadn't seen one of them since we were 18) so we had a lot of fun catching up and dancing the night away! So much fun! Here's me getting my cake alongside my wee family :-)
So thats about all. Ive started a SAL with Kathy but i've made such miserable process it's not even worth documenting it with a picture yet. Also about to start a SAL with Suzanne. Be back soon....


staci said...

A very sweet finish and love the family pic on your bday...glad you had a good one!

Anna van Schurman said...

You look fantastic in that blue dress. And there's nothing I love better than red shoes. Happy belated birthday. Good luck with the layoffs, as we say over here.

Rhona said...

Sounds like a party to remember! Hope things go well for you with your job.
Great stitching!

Ranae said...

Pretty Spring finish.
I was just stitching on this one yesterday at the stitch-in
Hopefully I will be done with it this week, tomorrow maybe, lol
Very nice photo of your family
Happy 30th Birthday!!!

Erna said...

A Happy Belated 30th Birthday ....Hope things turn our right with your job....
And a lovely Spring Finish!!!
Erna xx

Kathy A. said...

What a great family photo. 30th birthday parties are more important than a SAL. I finally have a piece done on mine so let's hope we both do better now!

Blu said...

Lovely finish and sounds like you had an awesome birthday!

Best of luck with the job.

Lynn said...

Love that little pincushion! It cheered me up when I saw it.
I'm glad you had such a wonderful party. There's no better time than that spent with family and friends.
I'm sorry about your work situation. I know just how stressful that must be for you right now. I'll say a little prayer that things work out for you.

Maggie O said...

Hope things improbve all round no matter what the outcome. Remember "change is good". Love the stitching!

Suzanne said...

Very cute finish!

Sorry to hear of all the problems with your work, I hope that everything works out for the best.

I am glad to hear that you had a great birthday party!

Can't wait to make a start on our SAL this weekend. I am going to cut my fabric to size today.