Monday, 28 July 2008

Summer House Exchange

I received the most gorgeous summer house exchange from Joan on Saturday. Take a look!My first ever tin! Joan also made me a project bag, a chicken pin cushion and thread drops! if that wasn't enough, a PS Santa with the fabric and floss to stitch it, oh, and some mints too which i notice arent in the picture but that's because DH stole them as soon as i showed him LOLThank-you so much Joan, i love this package you put together for me! It was a great treat to open on Saturday.

Thanks for the awards i received recently! From Lesley
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The sun is out here! Woo hoo! Makes a nice change, July has been pretty disappointing so far but the last week has been warm and sunny! Im hoping to leave work early today to enjoy it whilst it lasts! My friend is cooking dinner tonight for a group of us which should be good.

In pregnancy news ive only been sick once in the last week! Had a midwife appointment on Friday and heard the baby's heartbeat which was nice and reassuring :) 17 weeks now!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Baby and Biscornu

Holy Moly 74 comments on my last post! That is amazing. Thank-you to everyone for the congratulations messages. It was great to hear from so many people. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and feeling much better, i havent been sick now for over a week. Still the occasional blinding headache though. To answer a few questions...i dont know if its a boy or girl and i dont know if we'll find out or not, can't decide! Also our surname is Thomas hence babyT.

Still no stitching. Hoping the urge will return. I ordered this the other day from The Historical Sampler Company that i will stitch for the baby's room
So i never did show a picture of my first ever biscornu!! I made this for Staci a few months ago as one of my prizes for my blogiversary contest. It took me quite a while to stitch and finish and it isnt perfect by any means, maybe i'll be quicker with my next one. I took a few pictures seeing as it was my first one LOL

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Big news!!

So i have big news that will explain my absence from this blog for the last few months! Im 14 weeks pregnant! And here's the proofIt has been a tough few months. I have been so sick, totally exhausted and have had terrible headaches. Everyone keeps saying it will pass but it hasnt so far. Anyway, babyT is due 5th January and we are excited. This is our first.

With pregnancy came a complete lack of desire for stitching at all Aaahhh. Im hoping it doesnt last! Ive managed to get the few exchange pieces done that ive signed up for and that has been a real chore.

We had a lovely relaxing holiday in Portugal. It was great to be away and totally relax in the sun for a week. I will post some photos in another post.

Whilst we were away my ABC exchange arrived from Alison (not sure what Alison's blog is). Her gifts are gorgeous! I love red. The alphabet pinkeep is so tiny!! Alison's stitching and finishing is beautiful. She stitching a scissor pocket with a fob, a pinkeep and a needlebook. They have my initials on the back too!She also sent me all these lovely goodies too! What a treat! Thank-you very much Alison. I love everything!So that's my latest news! I hope to get caught up with you all in the next few weeks. Ive missed blogs! Being on a computer outside of work has just been unbearable the last few months though!