Saturday, 21 August 2010

Not one but two 10Ks!

In September i'll be running not one but TWO 10Ks! The Great Scottish Run on the 5th September and the Kilmacolm 10K on the 19th. Ive only had 5weeks to train for this so please sponsor me to encourage me on!

I have chosen to run for a great charity, which was started by good friends of mine, called Footsteps International. They have a blog too here

If you chose to sponsor me via my website, your money will go to Footsteps International. There are 1 million AIDS orphans in Kenya and 50,000 children live on the street. Thousands of children are orphaned each year as a result of accidents and during childbirth, and many more were orphaned during the violence following Kenya’s elections. Footsteps is providing long-term support to some of these desperately needy children.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

I actually stitched

I havent stitched in ages. Have had absolutely no desire. Got so many unfinished pieces but i dont want to work on any of them. Its been months. Anyway, last night, alongside my glass of red wine, i found something and started work on it. Nice and easy, no thread changes. Its a freebie design from Passione Ricamo called "Fairy Celebration." Im hoping it will hold my interest
We are so enjoying these lovely sunny days. The weekend is to bring more of the same, shame my husband is at work and missing it. Im enjoying my blog again, using it as a way to record life.

On the way to visit some horses yesterday we got sidetracked by the boats and spent the morning at the marina instead. Caleb enjoyed the kid play area too
Hope the sun is shining where you are! This is DH's last ever weekend of work - yeah!! Starts his new job in 2 weeks.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

To the beach

It's a beautiful day. Beautiful days can be rare on the West Coast of Scotland. We're off to the beach. Here's my car-obssessed driver
Our favourite local beach, just 2 minutes from home. Caleb would sit here for hours throwing stones into the water (the only thing he will sit for hours doing)....i think i'll take my book :-)

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Day out

We went to Pollok Country Park in Glasgow today for its annual family day. Pollok House sits within the estate, a beautiful house built in 1752.
There were lots of things to see and do. I bought a beautiful handcrafted necklace and bracelet and got lots of business cards/contacts for a Fairtrade event i am organising for November as part of my job. Caleb's favourite area was with the animals. He sure loved the highland cows! We couldnt get him away from this fence! I dont like cows, but i do like Highland cows, they're kinda cute
I am so glad DH has a new job, it means no more shift work or weekend work which means lots more fun family days out like this!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Catching up

Well, i havent posted here in a while! Ive been busy, have done no stitching or anything even remotely crafty. Lets see, what's happened in the last month....

-We travelled down south to Appleby Magna where I was a bridesmaid for one of my best friends.

-I was at camp for a week (i help run our church's kids camp), which was hard work in terrible weather

-My friend from London came to stay

- My husband got a new job, which is so great but has created a childcare gap one day a week...looking for a childminder or good nursery and its hard!!

- Have i mentioned it rained pretty much all of July? Some summer!

- I have entered the Great Scottish run and in 5 weeks will be running a 10k race. Or attempting to. Training is under way.

I got quite into catching up with friends on facebook and blogging has been pushed aside. Looking forward to catching up with your lives soon!