Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hating the school run

Im trying to think what's been going on around here since i last blogged.

-the inlaws have been and gone

-Caleb started nursery school. This was him on his first day. Every morning 9am - 11.30am. Sounds great but its actually a gigantic pain in the butt; getting them both up and ready and out the door, drive to the school, get the pram out to walk over, battle the elements (its forever windy and rainy), get him in and changed out his wellies (its forever windy and rainy), leave, battle the elements back to the car  (its forever windy and rainy), pack up the pram into the car, get home around 9.15am, deal/play with Aaron, do some chores, get Aaron ready to go again, leave at 11.15am,  drive to the school, get the pram out to walk over, battle the elements (its forever windy and rainy), get Caleb,  battle the elements back to the car (its forever windy and rainy), pack up the pram into the car and get home at 11.45am. Can you tell i hate it? Its so not worth the hassle for the 2hours of Caleb-freedom. However, he loves it. I should really focus on that :-)

- There's a possibility Aaron has a cows milk protein intolerance so the two of us are dairy free for the next 2months to test it out. He was going up to 13 days without pooing and has eczema. We're a week dairy free and he's pooed 3 times, its looking like they might be right. Im still breastfeeding hence why im dairy free too. Oh how i miss cheese. 

- Theres more crap going on at my work, which i really don't want to be dealing with when im off on maternity leave but i have no choice. So im looking at being reinterviewed or taking voluntary redundancy. Crap crap crap.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I have a new addiction. Pinterest! Wow. I love it. So many ideas, so many things i want to make. I just keep pinning and repinning. Ive managed to get quite a few friends hooked already as well. Its fun to daydream!

Anyone else on? My username is chezzat

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Be Still and know that I am God

I am not the most Christian of Christians. I know i could be a much better person but my belief in the existence of God is strong and i cannot imagine life without a faith. There have been a couple of times in my life where i/my family just would not have coped without having God to turn to.

Ive been quite anxious recently, in relation to my health.

Yesterday in the madness and stress of this house (the kids/the inlaws etc), i had a bath before my hospital appointment and this verse came to mind

Be Still and Know that I am God. (psalm 46 vs 10)

Be Still and Know that I am God.

It really spoke to me and gave me a sense of peace. How important it is to BE STILL in the madness of life and know that God is God. The God of all things.

People are praying for me and that is a wonderful reassuring feeling. Someone at Church took my husband and I aside on Sunday and shared some amazing words and prayed. It did wonders for me and i was very emotional. Someone else shared with me his struggles with trusting God and trying not to be anxious and he got very emotional, which really touched me as well.

So, yesterday i had a CT scan on my inner ear and an MRI scan on my head. I had been feeling very unsettled about it. When up in those dark lonely hours during the night the mind runs away and i start to think the worst about what it could be. Thankfully, the MRI wasn't as bad as i had been dreading. I got a bit panicky as i was moving into the machine but managed to put mind over matter and keep my eyes shut and focus on the music! 7 songs later it was finished!

I feel very relieved these tests are over but now I need to pray for good results.

I thank Ian, John and Rodger for their prayers/encouraging words/texts. At times like these having Christian friends, having a Church family and having a faith mean more to me than my words can express. Maybe that realisation will help me to become a more Christian Christian.