Monday, 24 October 2011

Proud Mum

I couldn't be prouder of my oldest boy. He has been amazing since Aaron's birth. You hear all these stories about jealous siblings, hating the baby or hating mum/dad but so far (!) Caleb has been the best big brother. He loves to show him toys, read him books and keeps asking if he can look after Aaron and mummy and daddy go away! Ha! Im very proud of him. Caleb wasnt the easiest baby, Aaron is a dream in comparison, but boy, he's been a great toddler. I just wanted to write a wee post to say how proud i am of him!! Love my boys very much x x x

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Baby boy!

It's a boy! My beautiful baby Aaron Matthew was born at 12.46pm on Wednesday 12th October weighing 7lb10oz. He's just gorgeous and we are smitten by him.

So he's officially one week old today. So far he has been a great baby. He's feeding great and sleeping great. What a difference compared to last time!

p.s. im on twitter now if anyone wants to follow @cmcathomas

Friday, 7 October 2011

Long overdue blog post

Gosh, i didnt realise i last updated in July. How my blog has been neglected! Life has just been too too busy.

Firstly, for all my blog friends that i have neglected over the past few months, i apologise! Let me know if you're on facebook though (and how to find you)! Thats the best way to keep in touch with me these days. I have it on my phone so its a lot more accessible.

So here's a bullet point list of all thats been going

- I was working fulltime, which i hated

- I stopped for maternity leave last week. Hurray, a whole year off and i will not be going back fulltime.

- We have a beautiful new home which we moved into at the beginning of September. A sparkly 4 bedroom new-build. I love it. We had a lot of work to pack up the flat, clean and tidy it and get it rented out.

- I am having a baby on Wednesday. Yes, Wednesday! My due date was the 25th but the baby has been breech and hasnt turned so im having a csection on the 12th. Scary Mary. Caleb was an emergency section so i know what to expect but this will be quite a different experience. I had a labour etc last time and the section was the last resort. It'll be weird going in cold to have a baby.I am looking forward to it though, im done in. I know a baby and a toddler will be hard work but pregnancy has been hard going and im looking forward to getting my body back to "normal."

- I got Labyrinthitis (an inner ear thing) on the first day of my maternity leave. Talk about bad luck! After 7 whole days i still have a high pitched ringing in my right ear which is torture. Mental torture.

So today is my last day on my own for a long time! Caleb is in nursery on a Friday. He's doing great, such good fun and making us laugh constantly with the things he says.

Im off to get organised for this baby.... I will leave with a picture of my beautiful new home

p.s. its probably been about 6months since i stitched!!!