Wednesday, 10 January 2007

New Year (10 days later)

Okay, so new years eve was over a week ago now but it's taken me until now to download some photos from my camera. We had 2 party nights and Sarah was up staying. On the saturday night we had folk over and had loadsa fun with Singstar on the ps2. What a laugh! On sunday night (new years eve) 7 of us had booked to go to a party night in Largs. We left to go and didnt get far. There was a big storm and the coast road was so flooded. The waves were coming right over the road and over the cars. Ive never seen it so bad. We turned back and ended up at Graeme and Emilys and had our own party night! Good times.

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Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

The beard guy looks like the singer from Abba.

Thank you for dropping by on my site...I've added you to my list. :-)