Thursday, 18 January 2007


It's snowing! This is a big deal! When it snows here, life grinds to a halt. We are not equipped to handle snow. It took my sister 3hours to get to work this morning, a journey which normally takes her 10minutes! My husband's from Canada and thinks it's hilarious how stressed everyone gets when it snows. I really like snow when i can stay home but hate having to go to work and travel in it. It's a nightmare!

I was tagged by a meme from Zohrah the other day so here goes....6weird things about me (im not sure they're that weird but i'll let you decide that)
1. My favourite food is chips (fries) and gravy
2. I'd quite happily survive on salt and vinegar crisps if they weren't so bad for you
3. One of my ears sticks out a bit more than the other
4. I love sleeping
5. I cry easily
6. I laugh easily

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Didn't realize you were already tagged - well I agree with salt and vinegar chips! I love them and can't get enough. :)