Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The meaning of bezza chezza and other stuff

A few months ago i reversed into someone in a car park. It was highly embarassing. I was just so tired and obviously didn't look properly. I was only going at 5mph but managed to put a dent in both his doors (insurance covered the damage but i lost 2years no claims bonus). Anyway, recently i have been seeing the guy all the time and i just can't look him in the eye. He pulled up next to me in the car park last week and i hid. It's just too embarassing. He was behind me in the queue at the ticket booth at the train station this morning and i was mortified. I don't want him to think im an air head or have the typical "woman" driver opinion. Its probably to late for that eh?! I'll continue to cringe every time i see him.

Now for an explanation. Some people have asked me about the title of my blog. Bezza chezza. When i started this blog i wasnt sure what shape it was going to take. Originally it thought it'd just be for friends and family. I have a group of best friends that ive known for years. We all live in different parts of the country now but continue to meet often. These are the "bezzas" i.e. best friends. I get called bezza chezza sometimes so i called my blog that. However, my blog took on a stitching theme and i decided not to promote it to my friends because none are even remotely interested in stitching! I keep joking that i'll convert them all one day. So there you go, the meaning of bezza chezza.

Talking about stitching....i started the "summer fun" kit last night but im not enjoying it. Ive made a mistake somewhere (the chart is very faint and complex) and i cannot figure out where i went wrong which is so frustrating. I'll come back to it when i feel more motivated for a challenge!
*8pm update - figured out where i went wrong with some help from hubby. Lots of frogging :(


Jamie said...

Those are the worst kinds of mistakes. At least the obvious ones aren't as frustrating! Yeah my friends are crafty but still not interested in my blog... or at least I don't think they are. Not sure they know about it!

patternnuts said...

I have my craft friends, then there's everyone else.
I think a few family members have my blog addy, but if they ever stop by - they don't comment so I don't know.
I like your blog! I'll be visiting more.