Thursday, 9 July 2009

Baby got teeth!

As of this week, my baby has teeth! 2 teeth! Look
My baby has also started being able to push himself around the floor. I left him on his playmat, came back into the room and this is where i found him
Time has really flown. He's great fun. My friend has a newborn baby and wow, how different! I can only vaguely remember that stage now.

Anyway, i started Mary Wigham. Progress will be slow because i dont get much time to stitch, just late evenings for half an hour at the most
Im off to camp on Saturday for a week. This is a camp our church runs. We have a boys week, a girls week and a mixed teen week. I help run the girls week. Theres about 60 of us this year. Its hard work but i love it. Ive been every year since i was 10. Im not sleeping there and i'll be travelling back and forward a lot during the day to help out with Caleb but the campsite isnt far from my house.


Andie said...

Oh hes just so gorgeous!! :D

Dianne said...

Sounds like you will be busy! How old is he now? My kiddos always got teeth early, too! It's so fun when they start moving around! My 9 month old is crawling now, and it's a relief! He can go get his own toys!

Suzanne said...

It's amazing how quick they grow up. Caleb is just gorgeous.

My 9 month old has eight teeth and she stands up at the furniture and cruises around on her own and is a menace because she chews the coffee table.

Great progress on Mary Wigham.

DaisyGirl said...

So sweet! Those little toothys are gonna help him enjoy new food choices! Yumm-o. He's cute as a button!

Kim B said...

Caleb got teeth?! Seriously?! How on earth does that happen so fast???

Rowyn said...

Caleb is gorgeous! What beautiful eyes he has.

Your Mary Wigham is looking great. You will probably find it grows quite fast. That first medallion seemed to take me forever but the others stitch up more quickly.

Have fun at camp.

Vonna said...

Teeth! already! WOW...time flies :)
I had to laugh out loud about the "vaguely" remembering the infant stage...LOL! God does that so you'll forget the "hell on earth" it was at the beginning so you'll have more babies! :)
Look it worked good on me too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is sooo sweet.
It seemed, it was yesterday, that my babies got teeth. It was early in that time, when they got milk from ME. But they all drank very soft, so nothing bad happend to me. A nice time.
Now they are 18,16 and 12 years old and we still have a nice time living together.
It is a lot of work to be mother, but it is the best work to do.

I started Mary Wigham, but I can not find so much time for it. I am at the third ornament and the work begins to become faster. But I think, it doesn´t matter, it is to have a nice stitching time. And one day it will be ready.

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von

tintocktap said...

Yay - doesn't time fly? My baby has 8 teeth and she may be teething again at the moment. At 10 months we thought she was imminently going to crawl, but then she discovered how to walk (with a supporting adult) and she's wanted to be on her feet ever since! Any day now she could wander off on her own completely.

Good luck crawling Caleb - keep at it and you'll have Mummy and Daddy running around after you like mad things!

mainely stitching said...

How can Caleb already have teeth? And be pushing himself around? Good heavens! And what a sweet smile!! :D

Hazel said...

What a little darling!! Mary wig looks great. I haven't done much more than you. xx

CindyMae said...

Oh they just grow up so darn fast! He is such a darling! Savor the moments!!! Great start on your MW piece!!

Heidi said...

He is so precious! And is sampler looks great!

Paula said...

Hi Cheryl :-) Caleb is a gorgeous baby...awwww he's fab. I bet you are having such good fun with him. Don't they change sooo quickly?

Lovely stitching too, how do you find the time with a little baby....

Happy stitching and big kisses to Caleb

Babs said...

Even a few stitches a day will finish it one day ;-)

Greetings, Babs

Karan said...

Lovely pics. This is the fun bit, where they develop so fast it takes your breath away - enjoy!
MW looks lovely, will enjoy watching it develop.
Have fun at the camp - sounds like it'll be tiring but very rewarding. :0)

Karan said...
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Annemarie said...

Ooh, how adorable :o)

You started your MW much later than I did and yet managed to stitch a whole lot more than me :o))

Brigitte said...

He's so sweet.
Nice start on Mary Wigham. And even if you don't have a lot of spare tiem right now, it grows with every single stitch.

Lynn said...

It will be a busy camp week for you this year what with Caleb and all. I loved it when they got to this stage. It's so much more fun!
Your Mary Wigham piece is lovely. Such a pretty colour too.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

This is such a fun time for you and Caleb. He's going to grow so quickly from now on, so cherish every moment that he continues to be a baby!
Your Mary Wigham looks just like mine, Cheryl! Makes me sorta happy because I've been kicking myself because I've had so little time to devote to it. Suppose we'll get it finished one day??? Hope so!