Saturday, 30 January 2010

An update

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes for Caleb. He had a great birthday and a great party. 11 of his little friends turned up with their mummies and daddies. It was chaos! We have some great friends....both new ones and oldies :) On his actual birthday Matthew was off work and we took him to Funworld (a big soft play place that he loves) and had lunch. What a 1st year! A rollercoaster ride.

January has been a busy month what with birthdays and parties and groups starting again and going back to work part-time. Those that are regular readers will know all about my work woes and my horrible, corrupt, manipulative boss. Anyway, changes are ahead (thank goodness) and there may be light at the end of the tunnel in terms of a new job for me! Should know in the next few weeks. It looks like the place i currently work will be shut down and my boss will finally get whats coming to her. Shes got away with a lot in 4 years.

On the stitchy side of life im getting organised. I start so many projects and finish very few. I get bored quickly. After an email from Kathy ive decided to follow her lead and start a rotation. Ive picked 4 projects i'll work on. I'll stitch for 4 days on one and then rotate.

So im gonna work on LHN Fa La La (just cant get this picture to rotate)CCN's The Tea room
Bent Creeks monthly snappers (no wip picture as yet), good old Cirque des Circles which was at this stage last time i updated and finally a 4 day slot for ornaments/gifts. So watch this space to see how it goes!

It's a beautiful day here today. Im hoping to get out for a walk before we go to a birthday party this afternoon (my exercise new years resolution is still being upheld). Enjoy your weekend!


Lynn said...

Sounds like Caleb had a great birthday. How nice that your DH could be off work that day for the celebration!
I think that Kathy's idea of a rotation is a good one. I've been thinking of adopting one myself. It might help me keep on track with all my projects.
Your current works look great!

mainely stitching said...

Here's to daily exercise - I'm with you on that one. Creak, groan, snap. LOL.

Happy birthday to Caleb! :D

Kim B said...

It sounds like Mr. Caleb had a grand time on his birthday! My hubby is taking Sarah's 1st off too on the 10th of Feb!

Love those projects!

Elisa said...

Looks like everyone had a fab time...
Good luck with your rotation...I am doing one this year and so far it's working well

Lainey said...

Looks like Caleb had a great birthday. Good luck with your rotation..

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Every year will get better and better! So glad that Caleb had a wonderful day with M&D. I try a rotation but it seems to get "stuck" on one project for awhile and then move to another. I might have to try a new rotation where I get a certain number of "days" to work on it and then move on.

Kathy A. said...

I hope you have great luck with your rotation Cheryl. I am 31 days in and it's working so far!!!!!! Will be rooting for you!

Karan said...

Sounds like a very hectic but fun time for Caleb. Love the TT cake. Glad to hear the work situation is going to improve. :0)
Good Luck with the rotation plan - hope it works well for you. :0)