Sunday, 19 August 2012

Summer wrap up

We've made it!!! *cheers* The end of the summer holidays. I am so very very glad. That was a long 7 weeks trying to entertain two small children. Caleb needs to go back to nursery; he's bored, Aaron annoys him and his behaviour has gradually deteriorated through the course of the 7 weeks. Last week was a hellish week i have to say (he wasn't well). He's excited about starting his new preschool nursery and seeing his friends. I am excited to be getting back into a routine and not having to come up with morning and afternoon activities day after day (he's only there 9-11.30, but it's a great help!)

After saying all that, we have had fun and kept very busy.

We spent a lot of time:

At various parks

Out walking

In the garden

In the sunshine (there was some sunny weather!)

A few trips (to Loch Lomond and the Fire Engine Museum)

And to the local soft playcentre (which made a small fortune through July with all the wet weather)

Of course we also spent a lot of time at friends houses (i'd have been lost without my friends Bev and Becky this summer), had people over to play, got to know our neighbours better and spent time with family.

This week Matthew is away on business so im prepared for a busy, exhausting week ahead but at least every morning will be tantrum-throwing-toddler free! Now just to off load the baby somewhere ;-)

p.s Do you know how hard some of your blogs are to comment on? The settings are crazy and the cryptic word codes impossible to read at times!


Kathy A. said...

Glad to hear you survived your summer. It does get easier lol.
I know those crazy tags at the bottom drive us all nuts I think. I turned it off for a couple of days and was flooded with spam so had to go to comment moderation.

Lana said...

So happy that you survived the crazy summer vacation!! Looks like you had some fun though!

Maureen said...

I think my kids are quite happy to be back at school today. Even Neve was bored going shopping which says something lol! Well done on keeping them amused,like Kathy says it does get easier when they get older. Joe is now 8 and he was hardly at home, always out with his mates.

Suzanne said...

The kids are looking so big! Glad to hear that you have survived the summer. We have that to look forward to at the end of December. We have two weeks of holidays coming up at the end if the week and I know all three of my children are going to drive me insane. The girls will fight non-stop and Felix will just whine and cry and I will get nothing done.

Aaah, such is the life of mothers world round, lol!!!