Thursday, 5 April 2007

Progress Pics

Firstly here is an update on my SAL piece that i am doing with Jamie every Tuesday. You can see what i did last week by clicking here and this is my progress this week

So i didn't get much done. We had plans with friends on Tuesday evening so i had a free hour after work to stitch and that was it.

Here's a progress picture of Dollhouse, i finished another room recently.

I'm getting cravings for new stash this week! I really want another big project to work on. I think im going to go for Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles. This certainly will be a big project with nearly 20,000 stitches in it. Im not keen on the colour in the link but i've seen it done on a few blogs in beautiful colours and i want to buy this right now!! LOL. Im not sure what colours i would choose, i'm not very good at visualising how things would look so if you have any suggestions you can let me know! (**6.30pm update - i have no will power, i've ordered the chart - im so excited!!!)

I am so glad it's the easter weekend. Today my boss let us finish just after lunch and i'm now off until Tuesday. It is such a good feeling, especially seeing as the weather has been so beautiful recently. It's my friends wedding on Saturday so im excited about that and i hope it stays sunny for her. I'm also hoping DH and I will be able to go biking at some point over the weekend, the first time the bikes will have been aired all year.

Happy Easter to all my blogging friends!


Angi said...

I think Cirque de Circles definately screams for an overdyed. I love mine, but if I were picking again I'd do one with only 2 variations of color, not the four I'm using! LOL I'm not sure there's a *bad* color to use for this!! Can't wait to see what you pick!

Jamie said...

I agree with Angi! And the Vikki Clayton silks are beautiful. I think you made more progress than you think. I chose to work on parts that really had no thought or patterns to follow. I didn't have the brain power. I'm glad you get a long weekend - that's really nice. Being that I work at an agency that is extraordinarly religiously and culturally mixed we don't have many religious holidays off. We do have a ton of days off though! Anyway - have a great weekend.

Lauren said...

I love the little chimney sweeper! And Coffee is looks like it's stitching up pretty quickly!

Michele said...

ohhh you bad girl .. just couldn't wait to order it eh? lol .. I can't wait to see what fabric and threads you decide to use .. that is one yummy pattern!

Coffee Menu is coming a long great! Enjoy your long weekend!

DaisyGirl said...

I have this pattern. I just haven't started it. I bought it with the intention of stitching it for my niece, just haven't yet. Lots great though! hope you have a great Easter!

stitcherw said...

Doll's House is looking so cute, and I like coffee menu as well. LHN patterns seem to be quite popular lately as a lot of people seem to be posting that is what they are working on.

Cirque des Cercles is lovely, what a fun Easter present to give yourself. Have a fun weekend, and I hope the weather stays nice for your friends wedding and so you can go biking.

patternnuts said... This may help with this one or others in the future.
Can't wait to see what you decide on!

Juls said...

Now I want it ......look what you've done! LOL Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!

Hazel said...

Hi ! I love your coffee shop and your dolls house is coming along so nicely. I have the cirque de cirque in my stash to do but like you I havent decided on colour and fabric. I don't know when I'll be starting it - not yet. If you want to do it as an SAL let me know.

Lizzy said...

Lovely progress on Coffee Menu and Doll House, Cheryl... :-)

Cirque de Circles is gorgeous... and what a BAP! ;-)

Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend and that the weather stays pretty for you all! Enjoy your day's off and I hope you have loads of fun and stitching time, Hun... :-)

Karen said...

I like the LHN design you have started , I have a few in my stash pile to do lol.
I love the photos of Scotland my DH is from Scotland we really should go up there again for a break