Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Big ship came to town

The largest, the tallest, the longest, the most expensive Oceanliner was in town yesterday. The Queen Mary 2. Apparently she is the length of 3 football pitches. That's long! We were actually just heading into town and had missed all the hype about her arrival so we weren't expecting this sight. I took this on my phone as we were driving past.

Been stitching up a storm recently and have 2 finishes but nothing i can share as its for people who read this blog.

Caleb turned 9 months on Sunday! This year has flown by, probably because i was in a sleep deprived haze those first few months LOL

*Warning, more boring blogging about chores*My chore rota is working a dream. Its making things more manageable. Like instead of "clean the bathroom" which is a big job, its all broken down. Yesterday i cleaned the toilet, today i cleaned the bath and shower, tomorrow the floor etc etc. I can do that! I skip quite a few things, especially if i have a busy day, but its been a good guide thats for sure.


Annemarie said...

Egh, I'm catching up with your blog, Cheryl, and was so sorry to read about poor Caleb's problems. What a constant worry that must beto you and your hubby. I'm glad everyone is feeling better now.
Yes, such a ship can be quite a sight. Last year, I spotted the... er, what was it called? The Euro-something (built in Rotterdam, that's why I'd heard of it). Very impressive. My, I sound like a shipspotter now, don't I?
Glad the rota is working for you!

Rowyn said...

She sure is a biggin'!! We get lots of cruise ships in Wellington in the summertime, and some of them are absolutely massive. Sure would be nice to go on one :-)

Karan said...

Glad the rota is working well for you. Bet it was an amazing sight. :0)

Karin said...

That's quite a sight!

stitcherw said...

That's a big boat.

Suzanne said...

I would have loves to see the Queen Mary 2 when it was in Sydney, but it was complete chaos on the roads and thousands of people turned up to have a look.

Well done with your chores. My house is still in the process of renovations and is a big mess. I just can't motivate myself to keep on top of all the chores.

Sabine R said...

I was in Dunoon at the time and I watched the QM2 going back down the Clyde at night. It was like watching a massive lightshow sail past, what a sight!